Lion’s Roar: how to get, Ascension, stats and who can use it in Genshin Impact



    Lion’s Roar is a four-star Genshin Impact sword that is easy to get your hands on due to its availability on all banners. Despite being an inexpensive weapon, Lion’s Roar can shine when paired with the right character, team composition, and careful rotation.

    How to get Lion’s Roar in Genshin Impact

    Lion’s Roar is a standard banner weapon, which means you can use it on the Wanderlust Summon, as well as all limited character and weapon banners. However, it is sometimes on the rise at the Epitome Summon banner, which you can utilize using Primogems and Intertwined Fates. Being a four-star weapon, you can’t draw a personified Path for Lion’s Roar. Getting it comes down to sheer luck.

    Genshin Impact Lion’s Roar Stats

    • base attack: 42 to 510
    • substate: Attack (9 to 41.3 percent)
    • Passive: Curse of fire and thunder
      • Increases damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro by twenty/24/28/32/36 percent.

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    Genshin Impact Lion’s Roar Ascension Cost and Materials

    Below are all the Ascension materials needed for the Lion’s Roar. They can be grown from the following:

    • Insignia: Hoarders of treasures throughout Teyvat
    • sacrificial knifaith: Agent Fatui Pyro, found mainly in Liyue
    • guyun: Formula Lianshan Palace (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)

    Ascension Phase 1

    x5,000 Mora

    Treasure Hoarder’s Insignia x2

    x3 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife

    Guyun’s Luminous Sands x3

    Ascension Phase 2

    x15,000 Mora

    x8 Treasure Hoarder’s Insignia

    x12 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife

    x3 Guyun’s Brilliant Stone

    Ascension Phase 3

    x20,000 Mora

    Silver Raven Insignia x6

    x6 Agent’s Sacrificial Knife

    x6 Brilliant Stone from Guyun

    Ascension Phase 4

    x30,000 Mora

    Silver Raven Insignia x9

    x12 Agent’s Sacrificial Knife

    Guyun’s Relic x3

    Ascension Phase 5

    x35,000 arrears

    x6 Insignia of the Golden Raven

    Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x9

    Guyun’s Relic

    Ascension Phase 6

    x45,000 Mora

    x12 golden raven badge

    x18 Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife

    x4 Guyun’s Divine Body

    Who can use Lion’s Roar in Genshin Impact

    Lion’s Roar is a simple sword that can be used by a large number of characters, but its passive is only useful in specific team compositions. In particular, enemies must be inflicted with Pyro or Electro before the character wielding the weapon can attack to get the passive damage increase, so keep your rotations in mind when using this cheap option. Here are some characters that can use Lion’s Roar.

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