DC’s The Flash #786, by Jeremy Adams and Amancay Nahuelpan, offers Linda Park one thing essential.

WARNING: The following article accommodates spoilers for The Flash #786, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Flash #786, by author Jeremy Adams, artist Amancay Nahuelpan, colorists Jeromy Cox and Peter Pantazis and letterer AW’s Justin Birch, offers Linda Park her personal superhero costume.

The comedian, which is a tie-in to the continuing Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths occasion, sees the DC Universe’s numerous heroes assembling to determine how they will take care of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s military. Park, who not too long ago acquired powers, arrives with the assorted members of the Flash Family because the groups are divvying up areas. Soon, Park returns with a dressing up she had Mr. Terrific make for her. Together, the Flash household goes out and helps such heroes as Animal Man and Hawkman, Park’s new costume proving sturdy sufficient for the job.

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Who Is Linda Park?

Created by William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque, Park debuted in 1989’s The Flash #28, which occurred in the course of the interval after Crisis on Infinite Earths when Barry Allen was presumed lifeless and Wally West was working because the Scarlet Speedster. A journalist, Park was a serious love curiosity for West, and the 2 ultimately acquired married. They had two youngsters, Jai and Irey. West and Park had been each majorly effected by timeline modifications to the DC Universe, and solely in the previous few years have they begun to get again to the place they had been. While she’s typically not depicted as having powers, Park not too long ago gained super-speed, although it is not fully clear how or why.

What Is Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Spinning out of the “Death of the Justice League,” Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is a crossover by author Joshua Williamson and artist Daniel Sampere, with tie-ins from different DC creatives. The title has seen the hero’s of Earth trying to cease quite a lot of main threats ensuing from the Justice League having been taken out of fee. Most necessary, although, are Pariah and the Great Darkness, who defeated the Justice League within the first place.

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The Flash #786 is on sale now from DC Comics. The title incorporates a primary cowl from Taurin Clarke and variants from George Kambadais, Daniel Sampere and Alejandro Sanchez. The subsequent concern of the sequence hits cabinets on Oct. 18.

Source: DC Comics

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