Less: Basic PS Plus subscribers will receive Axiom Verge 2, Fallout 76 and Jedi: Fallen Order in January



    Sony won’t reveal titles coming to PS Plus in January next week, but by the leak, we know that list already.

    An insider hiding under the pseudonym billbil-ku has been posting games that are available in PlayStation Plus or the Epic Games Store for several months, ahead of official news from Sony and Epic Games. An insider has released an image of the products coming to PlayStation Plus in January.

    Axiom Verge 2 is an excellent indie metroidvania in which man must explore ancient, tifiable, and scientific advanced civilization. If you wish to survive, you’ll be able to thoroughly explore this world to find hidden treasures and improve your property.

    Spring 76 The year is 2102. In twenty-five years after the nuclear bombing, you and the other residents of the Vault are returning to the United States. Play alone or group, complete tasks and establish settlements to conquer the formidable Wasteland. Exploring a huge world ravaged by nuclear war in a new open world multiplayer game. Get ready for the biggest and action-packed adventure of the fallout universe!

    Star Wars: Fallen Order In response to Episode II Revenge of the Sith 2, this story-driven single-player game has no renegotiated until the end of the second of the original series. A Jedi Padawan escaped by octroy 66 only to be destroyed. You must take all the other way to obtain the ultimate ancestor of the Jedi, to complete your training, build new powers of the Army and master combat skills by the legendn lightsabers. And, it would be a little more crucial than the Empire and its merciless inquisitors.



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