Len’s Island is opening an uncharted waters exploration area


    Flow Studio has released the second expansion for Len’s Island today with uncharted water. This new expansion adds an islands, biomes and a host of new dungeons to the mix, which all of which will be in or around the sea. You’ll also get introduced to a new leveling-up system for XP and many others. We got the details for you below as the update is live.

    Flow Studio: Credit: One-touch.

    “Len’s Island Uncharted Waters has introduced 10 new dungeons for the players to explore. Overpriced bosses lurk in every dungeon with new enemies so players can play with skill-driven combat. Take advantage of the new detailed skill tree to increase character’s skills. Build a new weapon and other items to explore the depths of each dungeon, to see what it has to offer. An island paradise home would not be complete without the ability to install new equipment. The new building system of the game brings a new opportunity for players with storage options, new materials for work and new items for construction. Players can let their imaginations be wild when building homes, build buildings or build a large house. The choice is yours.”

    “From seed to tree, cultivation has grown on Len’s Island. Players can cultivate their plots with new trees and seed packets and savor their labor with new recipes. By harnessing the elements, players can also automate their farming by building water and wind power machines. Players on Len’s Island are not alone. In the beautiful village of Bridgewater, there are merchants and townsfolk alike. Help rebuild the city and watch it progress by clearing land and the build-up of townsfolk homes. You might just make new friends with you and trade for new materials and things. It takes a village to make the most of a village.


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