Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide

Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide to meet the requirements to get everything in the game (including the elusive Wimpy Thugling Event).


To be able to get all the Events, Weapons, Pets, Minerals and Orchard Levels you need to meet certain map requirements (This is specially tricky if you want to get the Wimpy Thugling Event). By following these steps you can get them all in one playthrough.


Map Selection

Select this section of the map to be able to place all artifacts.

Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide

Artifact Placement

Placing all artifacts in this order will allow you to get all the Events, Pets, Items, etc.

Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide

Note: When a new artifact placed, you can’t place other artifacts adjacent to it unless you have finished the main/first event from said location (For example, you can’t place a artifacts adjacent to the Junkyard unless you first have completed the “Infernal Doll” Event).


Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide

Missable Events

Almost all events can be done in any order, however some can be missed (or failed) even if you place all the artifacts correctly. (Some might have been fixed in the remaster but I’ll include them just in case).

  • Seven Wisdoms: You can miss is if you never interact again with Bud.
  • Wimpy Thugling: can be missed if the event “Blessed Elixir” is ignored.
  • Niccolo’s Business Unusual 3: It has come to my attention that some people have this quest failed (apparently for leaving the map), so make sure to have a save prior.
  • Gilbert Events: Entering Geo’s cafe before completing events prior to Gilbert: School Amour will automatically start that and not allow you to do the previous quests.
    If you pick the wrong options in “Gilbert: Resume for Love”,  and you will fail the event. Resume for Love can also be missed if your start the event “Cosmo” first.
  • Peewee Birdie: If you pick the wrong options or talk to Peewee 10 times or more, , and you will fail the event.
  • Gaeus’s Wisdom: Reentering Gato after completing Flame of Hope  and you can’t start it.
  • Pokiehl: Dream Teller and Diddle Had It: Both events are failed if you leave the map before completing them.
  • Where’s Putty, Little Cactus and Diddle Had It: Completing Catchin’ Lilipeas before starting those 3 event makes you lose access to them.
  • Treasure Map and Nordic Snowfield: Both can be failed.
  • Buried Treasure: You can’t get it unless you smash 20 crabs in the beach.
  • The Legend of Mana: If you complete this event the game ends.


Just putting this to thank people who pointed out mistakes or things I missed in the comments. Unless my work place cuts my some slack I won’t make a thorough guide, but I hope these simple tips help people avoid the headaches I had as a kid playing this game.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Legend of Mana Optimal Artifact Placement Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Rocko Estalon. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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