Legend of Mana Blacksmithing & Tempering Online Calculator

An online tempering utility to test out recipes before you actually use them in-game. An absolutely must-have tool.

Tempering Introduction

There are 8 essences which all have an opposing element similar to a more complicated game of rock-paper-scissors. Wisp and Shade must be in balance at all times, or else opposing elements will be consumed in an attempt to boost the element currently on the item.

Wisp <> Shade

Dryad <> Aura

Salamander > Gnome

Gnome > Jinn

Jinn > Undine

Undine > Salamander

Normally, recipes begin with getting the wanted element Card on the coin then tempering-in Energy. I recommend tempering elements in this order: Dryad, Salamander, Aura, Shade, Wisp, Jinn, Gnome, Undine.

Different items have different energy values, but Glow Crystals are the most commonly used at 96 energy.

So an example recipe might go:

1 Shade Silver

3 Glow Crystal

Further glow crystals will push the essence card off of the item and thus it is impossible to increase the essence level without an essence card on the item (except in the case of woods which already have the “wood” essence tainted within them: Dryad).

I hope this is helpful to anyone who reads it. Try out the online calculator, and it should make more sense.


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Also, we would like to thank Mr. Cady. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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