Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game Big Leaf Crunch Guide

In Steam there are several guides about efficient ‘Big Leaf Crunch’ farming, but they all start assuming you already have millions of Big Leafs and know all about them. In this guide we will cover the basics: how to unlock them, what are they and when to do your first big reset!

What is Big Leaf Crunch?

First reset system in game called “Prestige”: you reset all basic stuff (leaf upgrades, science potions, your resources stock), but gain ‘yellow coins’ in return, which can be spent on many nice upgrades. Second reset system is called BLF (Big Leaf Crunch): once again you will reset all basics, PLUS everything you bought for yellow coins. This is sort of full reset. In return, you will get “BLC-coins”, we will call them Red Coins for clarity.

Red Coins have their separate shop with different upgrades. After ‘BLF-resetting’ you will start game from the begging like it was never installed and played before, with benefits.

DO NOT RESET when you have 1 BLC coin as reward, this is literally suicidal action which ruins everything you reached so far for no outcome. Do first Big Reset after farming thousands of Red Coins.

How to start farming Red Coins?

First of all, you need to progress through Science Potions. After reaching Black Science, next one gonna be Strange Science — this one is very different from others and has unique rewards. It takes a lot more potions of previous rank to get Strange potions, so have patience.

1) Improve Strange potions production speed. I have reached ‘243k Black > 15k Strange’ until it became hard to improve any further. Do not invest into ‘Strange Converter Output’ more than 25/100, since it gives way too small rewards. Instead, upgrade “C++ All converter output by +10” to something like 15 lvl. This will improve all converters like crazy.

2) Unlock Exotic Leaves (another Strange Science upgrade), to farm them you need to switch Area to “The Abyss”. Exotic Leaves are just like any other leaves, but they have more upgrades, incluring some bonuses to Red Coins ammount during reset. After several basic upgrades i checked how many Red Coins will get for first reset — 1k. But we should continue.

3) Within Exotic Leaves buy “BLC++” and “Moar BLC”, it will take just a small ammount of time (minutes) to get them, since you gonna make millions of those leaves without effort. When prices rise to 10+ millions, stop. Go back to science potions, make sure you increased their income. In Strange potions buy only “BLC++”. It’s expensive, but quickly bumps income for our first BLC reset.

4) By this point of time you should have gathered 75+ red gems, this is real-world vip currency which slowly accumulates for doing achievements. Enter the Red Gems shop and buy “All Leaves +750%” bonus. This will immediately increase all leaves reward forever by 750%, which is nice, now even 10 million upgrades is nothing special.

5) Go to ‘yellow coins’ shop and turn off all autoupgraders to not waste Exotic Leaves for useless upgrades. Instead, spend those leaves to further increase BLC. Max out “BLC++” to 10/10 and upgrade “Moar BLC” to atleast 10/100.

When BLC for the first time?

I decided to give it a go at 36,000 red coins. This is my first big reset.

What Red Shop offers, was it worth resetting at that stage???

Game started from zero, i got access to Red Shop:

– 42 unlocked upgrades and many locked;

– 16 of those upgrades were cheap enough to buy (price 1-3 red coins).

Let’s look at some of these:

Permanent Bonuses

*Faster Converters – by 2x times per upgrade (1/3/9 Red Coins). Just buy it thrice and potions will produce x8 times faster. Maxed out, let’s move on;

* Fruit move towards you, single upgrade for 1 Red Coin;

* Nucler Power +40%, 5 upgrades, overal 20 or so red coins – maxing out;

* Daily reward +2 red gems;

* ALB robots can equip our tools;

* Auto teleporter for area;

* Auto-bot to buy yellow coin upgrades for you – automation;

* Auto-science for 50 Red Coins – buys science for us.

So, after spending just 140 Red Coins i was able to buy all permanent upgrades and got extra 35 thousands for remaining small thingies like:

— Prestige +++++ = increases prestige reward by 200% (price 1/2/4/8 etc red coins).Obviously, this will make our second run to BLC much faster;

— Leaves rewards +400% (price 1/2/4/8 etc). Now we are talking!;

— Fruit rewards +500% (price 1/2/4/8 etc). Good;

— Combo multiplier +200% (price 2/4/8/16 etc). Ok for active playstyle;

— BLC++ = increases BLC points by +1 (well that is for second big reset);

— Converter output +1 (questionable);

— Printer upgrade, can be ignored. Never really used them.

All other upgrades require 100,000+ Red Coins up to millions, so there is simply no point to grind your first BLC run too much, just reset at 20-30 thousands.

How fast your reached Science on second run?

5 minutes. Yeah, THAT FAST, no joking. Since now game buys everyting for us using yellow coins (thanks to permanent upgrade we bought for red coins). So, once again, do not hesitate to BLC like it’s some sort of end of the world.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game Big Leaf Crunch Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank LotusBlade. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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