Laxus Destroying Raven Tail Is Both Great and Disappointing


Fairy Tail‘s “Grand Magic Games” arc is a magnification of the present’s weak and robust factors. Support characters get moments to shine whereas each main character enjoys decisive battles highlighting their energy and the Guild’s dominance. Unfortunately, whereas the thrill is excessive, there are additionally multitudes of latest folks launched who shortly fall into the background, in addition to lackluster fights and conclusions that maintain the arc again from perfection.

With a broad solid primarily concentrating on Natsu, Lucy, Grey and Erza, it’s refreshing to see robust showings from Elfman, Wendy and particularly Laxus. Laxus thrives through the match as he clashes with large forces that might allow him to indicate his true strengths. When his combat towards Alexai became a five-on-one scramble, Laxus flexed his integrity and energy in one of many arc’s most memorable battles.

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The Weak Dreyer and His Lackluster Misfits

An inevitable showdown between Laxus and his father’s Guild, Raven Tail, introduced heavy expectations that led to large payoffs or ramifications. Laxus’ power had been proven quite a few occasions and all the time impressed the encircling solid. Therefore, he deserved a distinctly unforgettable bout to cement his position.

Raven Tail had been current within the story for over 100 chapters as an unseen, distinctive Dark Guild that wasn’t a part of the Balam Alliance. As a correct, unallied Dark Guild, Ravan Tail may flesh out Fairy Tail‘s world by together with a number of independently-motivated antagonists. Unfortunately, whereas Raven Tail acted as a strong thorn in Fairy Tail’s aspect all through the primary portion of the Games, their designs had been forgettable and their roles had been principally lackluster.

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While most members seemed and acted like full pushovers, Flare Corona stood out, finally following the frequent heel-to-face flip trope Fairy Tail likes to lean on. Ivan Dreyer was the best disappointment, as he did not symbolize his lineage. Laxus and Makarov had been impressively famend wizards who continued to influence that world, whereas Ivan was a one-note simpleton shortly dispatched by his son.

Previous Dark Guild masters left highly effective impressions and required drastic measures to beat. With swish ease, Laxus dismantled Raven Tail, rendering Ivan a whiny waste of time. By not dwelling as much as the Dreyer household, Ivan felt like a wasted alternative. His Guild additionally felt like a fizzled storyline, because the payoff for his or her build-up was lackluster.

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Fairy Tail’s S-Class Wizards Are Built Different

While Ivan and Raven Tail fell brief, Laxus shone gloriously throughout this combat. In a ridiculous show of energy, Laxus reestablished Fairy Tail as a top-notch preventing power. Rendering a complete guild powerless and pitiful is a uncommon feat.

Thinking he obtained the drop on Laxus, Ivan and Raven Tail launched an assault to power Laxus into revealing guild secrets and techniques. Raven Tail was designed explicitly as an anti-Fairy Tail group, exhibiting this to be semi-true as they stole victories from Lucy and Gray earlier within the Games. Nonetheless, every member fell swiftly to Laxus’s limitless velocity and power.

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While he could have appeared like an occasional numskull, Laxus’s intelligence shone, as he wasted no time eliminating Obra, who may lock his magic skills. He then disposed of Nullpudding, Flare and Kurohebi in concise order. Then, hardly breaking a sweat, Laxus shocked his father earlier than disposing of him with one lightning-empowered punch.

This combat displayed the ridiculous energy of S-Class wizards hailing from Fairy Tail. Erza’s epic victory over 100 monsters was a wonderful show of energy, however destroying an entire guild single-handedly displayed consciousness and management that rivaled the strongest wizards on this planet. Laxus not solely helped put Fairy Tail again on the map, however he additionally made them admirable once more.

Raven Tail’s build-up seemed they might helm an arc as a correct antagonistic guild for Fairy Tail, pushing Ivan Dreyer to the degrees of Hades and Zero. Instead, Laxus’s combat tied up a wierd story thread that obtained misplaced within the mixture of a a lot bigger story, along with his show of wizardly abilities and battle intelligence being the one good excessive level. Lackluster parts of Raven Tail disappeared within the wind when opposed by the sunshine of Laxus’s glory.

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