Lawnmower Game: Battle Star Locations

Location of Stars.


Farmtown – Turn Left, drive forward, Vegetable area on left with many Sunflowers.

Medieval Village – Turn around (Right hand side is better), drive a bit and you should see the star behind vagons.

City – Drive forward and turn right from Ice-Cream Trolley.

Sci-fi City – Turn left and drive forward…

Western – Turn right and you see the star,

Snow Arena – It’s behind you.

Burger Town – Turn right, drive to “Burger tower” turn left.

Retro Arena – Drive forward, until the rock formation, it’s behind.

Cemetary – Reverse and turn left, it’s next to house.

Food Fireland – 30° Left and drive to tall rock, behind that…

Ruinedland – Turn around and turn right.

Food Arena – Turn right, go to the ribs near fence.

Trumpster Arena – Turn right, it’s behind Trump statue.

Forest Arena – Turn left, drive thru water to tall water tower.

Donuts Arena – Reverse, until you hit the wall, there it is, on your left.

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Also, we would like to thank Peiper. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.