Last Oricru releases a new Community Feedback Update



    The Last Oricru was released by Prime Matter and developer GoldKnights on October 1st, 2009. The update has been compiled using notes from the community. The team released the little paragraph of the notes you see below that talked about how this time around, the update focused on all the notes they got from the community of what needed to be changed and fixed in the game, and they did just that. Simple enough, which is why they didn’t give any more adjustments. But the update is live now and is ready for the holidays.

    Good – Privatize.

    With that feedback, we resumed the work and released many smaller fixes, along with a huge update that improved the game’s camera, an option to remap the keyboard and controller, and even new armor, shields, and weapons. Today, the release of Patch 1.2 is going to make the online experience in The Last Oricru easier and add one of the most requested features we saw, the in-game map. At GoldKnights, we believe the way to grow The Last Oricru is by listening to the community, to the content creators and to our journalists. We didn’t build the game for ourselves. It wasn’t for the player. We continue building The Last Oricru until 2023.”

    The Last Oricru is an action-based gaming system with a strong emphasis on dynamic storytelling and player choices. When players were erupting in a mystical and powerful sci-fi world of Wardenia, they encountered a massive civil war where the writ is fighting for the supremacy. Were combat, massive battles, and a dark conspiracy are all fading into this once-peaceful place. Choose your paths, go in front of the different factions or betray them, influence the outcome of the war and remember! Your choice matters. The Last Oricru is a single-player and a single-player experience.



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