Last Epoch Rune of Power – Beta, Release Date, & Runemaster Mastery!


    Image via Eleventh Hour Games

    Last Epoch, a crowdfunded ARPG from Eleventh Hour Games, has been steadily chugging along in early access mode for a while now. But during gamescom 2023, a new character class called Runemaster was announced. Here’s what you need to know!

    When does the Runemaster class release for Last Epoch?

    During gamescom 2023, the creator of Last Epoch announced a new mage-based character class, the Runemaster. Those wanting to try out the new Runemaster class for Last Epoch will finally be able to do so on September 7, 2023. Until then, all other current character classes are still available to use in Last Epoch.

    What is the Runemaster class in Last Epoch?

    During gamescom 2023, fans were given a more in-depth look at the Runemaster class. The new character class added to the game, Runemaster, is a mage mastery class with over 40 different abilities and actions. The trailer gave a look at not only the release of the brand-new Runemaster class, but also the developers’ efforts to build Last Epoch into a game worthy of their fans’ financial backing.

    What is Last Epoch about?

    Last Epoch is an action RPG set in a fantasy world that features tons of dungeon crawls and character-building. Take your team through dangerous lands and improve your weapons/skills as you go! Last Epoch was created by Eleventh Hour Games as part of a crowdfunding effort.

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    Is Last Epoch in beta?

    No, Last Epoch is not in beta. The game is in an early access mode, though, which some gamers may see as a similar state. To play the game in early access, you’ll need to pay $34.99. During that time, you can expect large updates and changes as Last Epoch works towards an official release.

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