Kyle is Famous | Unlocks & Achievements Guide

This is an explanation for how to get the unlocks, if you want to know that I guess.

A Quick Note

This will include both the unlocks (cursors, backgrounds, etc) and the pack unlocks (One ending leads to several more, etc.)

This will be updated as more unlocks pop up for me, so don’t be mad pls :c


Pen: Looky there, you start with that!

Hand: Complete the Around Town set.

Flashlight: I… Don’t Know, actually. Seems pretty easy to get though.

Key: Complete all Forgot Marketing Endings.

Magic Wand: Complete the Santa Duty set.

Upside-down Cursor: Unsure.

Hotdog on a Fork: Complete the Around Town Hotdog set.

Magnifying Glass: Complete the Detective set.

Sword: Either Kyle slapped or the First Case ending.

Frog: Complete all of the MOT1000E endings.


Basic: Looky there, you start with that!

Show-Biz: Complete the massive amnesia ending.

Orange Hotdog: Complete all the Kyle is Hotdog endings.

Brown Santa: Complete All Kyle was Santa endings.

Black/DarkPurple Detective: Complete all Main Detective endings.

Inverted: Complete all the Interview endings.

Evening Green: Complete the Forgot Hotdog set.

Gaming: Complete an ending or all endings for Kyle sold some Hotdogs (Not real sure, sorry).

Swirling Delightful: Either get the didnt solve the case ending (the cat one?) or get 90 endings, unsure.

Frog: Complete the final set, Rachel was Guilty. This includes the last ending, Kyle was Famous.


None: Looky there, you start with that!

Red: Complete the Forgot Stand set.

Pink: Complete the M:BJTHB set.

Blue/Yellow: Unsure for both, All Mayor Tom’s Office Endings seem to have set them both off.

Duck: Unsure, Kyle got in a Fight ending was completed when it appeared.

See something I don’t know that you do?

Comment down below and add to this list!

Award if you like, but know that this will be finished with the help of others and not just me.

Edit 1: BIIIIIIIG Thanks to Duxatious for giving me LITERALLY EVERY ITEM I MISSED 😀

Now I just need to figure out where they come in.

Edit 2: Even BIGGER thanks to Duxatious for filling in where they come in. However, it could still be wrong as some things he wasn’t sure about. If you see anything that is incorrect, comment right away.

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