Kouign-Amann’s Best Cookie Toppings Built in Cookie Run Kingdom



    Kouign-Amann’s Cookie is an Epic Defense Cookie that prioritizes the team’s Frontal position. She offers a unique value proposition in Cookie Run: Kingdom, with a kit that revolves around ATK SPD. Despite being a tank, she can also deal decent damage, making her more of a charge-type cookie. If you managed to get Kouign-Amann, here’s everything you need to know about how to build her.

    The best creation of ingredients for the Kouign-Amann biscuit at CRK

    While Kouign-Amann’s kit revolves around ATK SPD buffs, it’s important to know that she is a defense cookie, a frontline tank that is more susceptible to taking DMG from enemies. She doesn’t stand a chance against Arena powerhouses like Stardust Cookie without enough tanky prowess, so her best build in the slot would be:

    • x5 Solid Almond – a full tank build keeps Kouign-Amann alive long enough for her ATK SPD buffs to benefit her and the team

    For bonus stats, focus on increasing both DMG Resist and ATK SPD.

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    The best treasures for Kouign-Amann Cookie at CRK

    Kouign-Amann can benefit from whatever treasure the rest of the team uses. A must-have tool for cooldown reduction would be the Sleepyhead Jelly Clock either squishy clock.

    Information on Kouign-Amann’s cookie ability in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    path of the paladin:

    • After using the ability, Kouign-Amann Cookie channels the Power of Light, enhancing his regular attacks: they deal Light-type DMG and bonus DMG whenever he gains an ATK SPD buff. Kouign-Amann Cookie will also increase the ATK SPD of the two Cookies with the highest ATK SPD, make all his allies resistant to ATK SPD debuffs, and increase the Light-type DMG dealt by other Cookies. When the duration of the ability comes to an end, Kouign-Amann Cookie will gather the Power of Light and perform a powerful attack, partially ignoring the target’s DMG Resistance with a swing of her sword. Not afraid of defeat, Kouign-Amann Cookie will increase her DMG Resist and Regular Attack ATK SPD whenever she gets a debuff. While Kouign-Amann Cookie uses her ability, she will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects.

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 12 seconds
    • stronger regular attacks: 182 percent ATK
    • Extra DMG per ATK SPD Buffs: +22.5 percent per x1 ATK SPD buff
    • ATK SPEED: +25 percent for 8 seconds, stacks up to once
    • ATK SPD Debuff Resistance: +50 percent for 12 seconds, stacks up to once
    • Light Type DMG: +20 percent for 10 seconds, stacks up to once
    • Light Strike DMG: 375.8%, ignores 17.5% of the target’s DMG resistance
    • regular attack ATK SPEED: +4 percent for 8 seconds, stacks up to 10 times
    • path of the paladin: DMG Resist +12.5 percent for 15 seconds when gaining a debuff, stacks up to two times

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