Killer Moth could also be considered one of Gotham’s silliest villains, however he may know the Batgirls’ identities. If he does, the heroes could also be in deep trouble.

The following article comprises spoilers from Batgirls #9, on sale now.

The Batgirls could also be dealing with a brand new risk to the anonymity of their identities. In the absence of Seer, one other villain might now know one of many biggest secrets and techniques in Gotham. Batgirls #9 (by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Neil Googe, Rico Renzi, and Becca Carey) ended with Killer Moth spying on the heroines of their house earlier than flying away. This implies that one of many DCU’s strangest villains now is aware of who a few of the Bat-Family’s most necessary members are.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Killer Moth is aware of who they really are, there may be proof to assist that he’s conscious of the reality. He has beforehand damaged into their headquarters earlier than, and if he tailed them in secret, then in all chance he has pieced two and two collectively. If so, then the Batgirls are actually dealing with an enemy who has no motive to maintain their secret.

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This is not the primary time that Killer Moth has crossed paths with a Batgirl. In “Up At Bat” from DC Pride 2022 #1 (by Jadzia Axelrod, Lynne Yoshii, Tamra Bonvillain, and Ariana Maher), he managed to trace her again to her base throughout the clock tower after injuring her. Had it not been for the presence of Alysia Yeoh, he would probably have killed her. Now, historical past appears to be repeating itself, promising that even when Killer Moth is not conscious of the reality but, his proximity to them will make it an inevitability.

It appears too coincidental that Alysia appeared on this difficulty as effectively to reconnect with Barbara Gordon. Her presence may trace at a larger involvement within the adventures of the Batgirls, particularly if Killer Moth is concerned. Overall, there’s a lot to recommend that his presence signifies that his feud with Batgirl is not over simply but.

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If that is true, then Killer Moth will probably be planning one other assault on the Batgirls. He’s already assaulted considered one of their most safe bases, in comparison with that, their house has little or no in the best way of non-public protection. This is, in fact, assuming that he even intends to struggle them in any respect. Depending on which model of the character is being launched to followers, he could promote such helpful data to the very best bidder, which might trigger much more issues.

Then there may be the sinister risk that Killer Moth may not even be the following primary antagonist of the upcoming story. Killer Moth isn’t the mastermind behind a plot towards the Bat-Family. It’s affordable to imagine that he’s only a pawn on this scheme, too. The difficulty definitely left sufficient unanswered questions to guide readers to consider that one thing far more sinister is happening. Besides, mass homicide is not Killer Moth’s type and his involvement is probably going that of a facet participant.

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