Knightfall: A Daring Journey Routes For All Spawn Units

Basic routes for every spawn level

-orange dot spawn

-red line is most optimum rout for a simple W

-blue line is a graphed secondary technique

-yellow line is a graphed Third technique

– no line is a route that shouldn’t be used or is slower to take then skipping within the grass

– crimson circles are city places That are centered

For a few of the skips like the highest spawn going on to city cliffs you would get caught within the chilly and has a substantial hazard

There are some modified routs that i did not go over on this map the place you will get to city to in a single evening from different spawns which are harder and should require extra coordination out of your teammate.

In addition a few of the prime spawns are much less play examined and could also be slower and will contain extra hazard contain


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