Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Lands Demo Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Lands Demo Guide

Guide & visuals of the Norse Demo, in case you aren’t sure what everything does, and you don’t want to accidentally get overrun by Greed.


Hey, I just made this because I was trying to figure out what each of the buildings did. I hope this helps you understand the Demo and gets you hyped for the full game!

If you find any information is incorrect, please leave a comment and I will fix it in the guide. Some things I noticed what they did, and other things were less noticeable and I may have missed it.

Kingdom Levels

First Level.

Second Level.

Third Level. Requires First Woodworking Building upgrade.

Fourth Level.

Fifth Level. Requires Second Woodworking Building upgrade.

Sixth Level. No wall upgrades.

Seventh Level. No wall upgrades. Tower upgrades automatically happen (if you haven’t upgraded yet). 20 coins.

Buildings & Altars

Buildings & altars you can find in your Kingdom and what they do.


This is the Shield building, for 2 coins you can upgrade your Archers and Axmen. When they are upgraded you can hit the Guardian Totem to have them guard outside the wall.


Your Knights can be upgraded at the Forge, where they can receive a larger sword and better armor for 12 coins per sword.



Here you can upgrade your Axmen into Wildmen for 6 coins – they get a set of Hatchets and a Beaver (?) pelt. They will run out at night and kill Greed.


Requires 3 gems to Unlock, 7 coins to activate. I haven’t been able to tell if this helps arrows hit their mark, or if it has to do with the Knights.


Pay 1 coin at night to have Archers and Axmen with Shields stand in front of your wall, stopping the Greed from knocking it down.


This floating grouping of rocks seems to keep track of the upgrades that your Kingdom has gained.

Woodworking Upgrades

Before paying coins to upgrade first Woodworking Building.

Upgraded first Woodworking Building. (10 coins)

Before paying coins to upgrade second Woodworking Building.

Upgraded second Woodworking Building. (12 coins)

Mount Upgrade

Every time you restart the game, you get different options.


Requires 3 Gems to unlock. And you need to spend 7 coins to get it. It’s about 3x faster than the original steed.


1 Gem to unlock, 3 coins to get it. The other reindeer will fall in love and follow your mount.

Hammer of Thor

I have labelled this as a spoiler. If you don’t want to know the code to unlock the Hammer of Thor, do not look here.

This is the code to unlock the Hammer of Thor, which will give you lightening powers to use on the Greed. Turning each totem costs 1 coin, it costs 6 coins to the King to gain the Hammer. The Hammer costs 1 coin to pick up. To use the lightening, you press up.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Demo Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank DragonWitchMama. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.