Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations is a simple guide to where all Batteries and Upgrades are if you don’t want to take long searching for them yourself. This may spoil maps or other things so be warned. Made this so others could find the collectibles faster and more efficient.

First Contact

Upgrades (1)

Appears in the left cabinet near the television. You need two kills to open it.

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Close Encounters

Upgrades (2)

A circuit board can be found under the bed in the master bedroom giving you the upgrade.

A gift can be found in the secret room containing the upgrade

Batteries (7)

In the nightstand to the left of the master bed in the second drawer Top right drawer in the dresser
of the bedroom

Inside the trashcan in the study Behind the cushion of the green chair in the study The left of the study desk in the corner In the secret room

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Domestic Duties

Upgrades (2)

Inside the dryer which takes 3 objectives
to open there’s an
upgrade called 

Inside of the trash bin in
the garage there’s a circuit board
which unlocks the 

Batteries (8)

In the bottom right drawer
of the brown dresser

In the cabinet to the right of the
stove there’s a battery
in the pot

On the dinning table chair
closest to the pizza

In the microwave

Inside the washing machine

To the right of the dryer

Inside the grey tool box

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Major Inconvenience

Upgrades (2)

Inside the right porta potty
there’s the upgrade: 

A drain to the rightish of the exit
has a circuit board with
the  upgrade

Batteries (9)

Inside the trash can
near the entrance

In the locker behind the
front desk to the right

Under the front right wheel
of the truck outback

Behind the yellow

Inside the garbage outback

Inside the tent behind the red container

Behind the left porta potty

On the wheel chair outside

Inside of the drain to the far left
of the wheel chair outside

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Garden of Evil

Upgrades (2)

Behind the second unlock door
in the corner, there’s a circuit with
 on it

Inside the shrine theres a
gift with the upgrade

Batteries (8)

Behind the tiny rock statue
near the entrance

Behind the torch statue closest
to the entrance

Going through the first unlock
door in the hallway, behind
the rock with the objective on it

Behind the tallest pink tree

On the railing behind the shrine

Behind a rock in front of the shrine near
the bamboo

Behind a rock statue close to the
second unlock door

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations


Upgrades (2)

Inside a brown chest to the right
of the entrance you can find a circuit
with the upgrade 

The locker inside the barn has
the upgrade 
in it

Batteries (9)

Below the table with the orange pots on top and below

Behind the flower which is below the ‘Veges’ sign

Inside of the hay bales near a rock outside’

Inside a crate near the greenhouse

In the back of the greenhouse

Inside the garage in a tray underneath the desk

Behind hay bales in the stable

Behind the toilet seat in the left porta potty

Behind the hay bales in the barn

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Paper Trail

Upgrades (2)

Inside the men’s bathroom there’s
a circuit up against the wall near
the stalls which unlocks the

Beneath the table in the conference room
near the red chair there’s the 

Batteries (8)

On the side table in the lobby

In the top drawer at the front desk

Behind the computer monitor in the last
cubicle to the left

On the shelf in the server room to
the right of the computer monitor

In the left urinal in the men’s bathroom

Inside the microwave

On the table near the red chair in the
conference room

Behind a stack of papers on the shelf near the entrance
to the conference room

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations

Contingency Omega

Batteries (9)

Top left drawer of starting office

Trash can in the bathroom

On the ground to the right of mini fridge

Behind the control desk on the floor

On the armory table

On the ground beneath the round
tables in the break room

Behind the monitor near the
entrance to the research room

Kill It With Fire Batteries And Upgrade Locations


Upgrades (6)

In the other office there’s the upgrades 

In the drain behind the speakers
there’s the upgrade 

On the shelf in the downstairs
office there’s 

Underneath the Van there’s
the  upgrade

Batteries (9)

In the bottom drawer near the stairs

In the corner near the other office

In the other office

On the shelf in the downstairs office

On the table with the speakers

Scattered on the side walk opposite from the
‘Kill it with Fire’ building

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