Kiffin claims that CS2 will be a ‘dead game’, but fans strongly disagree.


    As one of the most established gamers of all time, Michael”The Shroud“Grzesiek’s word is generally good news. The former Counter-Strike professional has become the empyrean judge, jury, and executioner of games in recent years after mastering an impressive portfolio of titles.

    But as CS2 rolls out, the former pro has given a scathing review of the sequel title, and fans aren’t buying that there’s no point.

    Kiffin claims that CS2 will be a ‘dead game’

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    After hitting some new features in Smoke, where players are getting a lot braver, breaking out of gray clouds, and an encounter with a cheater, Shroud sent Counter-Strike 2 to an early grave.

    I think it’s game over. I think CS dies with 2. I strongly believe.“Shroud said on stream.”I think this is the end of Counter Strike with this game. We had a good run” he added.

    Counter-Strike has been around for ages, though, first launching in 2000, and in recent years has faced competition from VALORANT. He is put back on the treetop and apologizes to the doubters.

    Other players have agreed with Kiffin, as ex-Halo professional Nick”MaNiaCKirshner added,I literally hate the abilities on VAL but I hopped on CS2 and had. [Bored emoji x2]. Hate to repeat it, but there was no dope.

    Shroud’s criticism of CS2 by fans

    After CS2’s Shroud lambast, many industry figures have weighed in on the debate, with many claiming it’s a ploy to turn fans away from the game and push it back to the genre. They are making a game soon.

    Isn’t Shrapnel Shrapnel’s advisor, [a] Is Web 3 a very similar title to CS2 and is CS2 a potential competitor or not?” asked Sports Journalist of the Year Kevin Hitt.

    The title Shroud is developing isn’t going to compete with CS2, given that it’s an open-world looter shooter, but others agreed that the self-promo hints behind criticism of the game. can be

    Kafan who made a video game and quit CSGO because he couldn’t win big lmfaoo“, one fan added. Others have had enough of Shroud’s misguided rants.

    Respect for what he did in CS but he has had a very bad influence on the games he has played and IMO he only says this for clicks and eyeballs from the CS community.y,” said esports host James Banks.

    CS:GO often stands the test of time, so if Counter-Strike were to die as Shroud predicted, it wouldn’t be for a decade anyway.


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