Kien, a game that has been in development for 22 years, is now available for the Game Boy Advance.

    • Ken, a game 22 years in the making for the GBA, is out now.
    • You can finally get your hands on a physical release of a once-canned game packed with collectibles.
    • Boasting 23 levels and two playable characters, it’s a true blast from the past.

    You might be surprised to know that before we focus mostly on mobile gaming, we cover handheld gaming in depth here at Pocket Gamer! Yes, back when more than just Switch and Steam decks were available, handheld gaming was a true powerhouse.

    Unfortunately, like all good things, it has gradually declined. But Incube8 Games has taken a blast from the past with Kien, a new title from over 22 years ago for the Game Boy Advance!

    wait what?!

    Yes, 22 years. Developed in the early 2000s, the Ken came at the very end of the Game Boy Advance’s lifecycle. Due to publishing issues, the completed game died before it was even fully canned. But thanks to Incube8 and AgeofGames, you can now experience it in all its glory.

    Of course, you can play Ken digitally if needed. But for the full experience, you can actually get a real, playable physical cartridge for the Game Boy Advance! Will the wonders never end?

    Boasting 23 action-packed levels and two playable characters, Kane pits you against the forces of evil as you fight to save the planet Malkuth. With 7,000 years of peace now shattered by chaos, it’s up to you to discover Cain’s secrets.

    Now, we know not everyone has a Game Boy Advance anymore, but we’re going to assume (seeing you’re reading the site) that you have a smartphone. So if you want games you can play without investing in an old system, why not check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)?

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