Kerbal Space Program Cheat Sheet

Basic theory you need to effectively build a doomsday rocket


All info in this guide from the the wiki cheat sheet page[] and in-game tutorial. The goal of this guide is to create a comfortable Steam-based reference page. Right now the guide consists only from basic info, but it will be updated in the future.

If you have some proposition or some parts of the guide still unclear, please let me know in comments, I will fix it.

All important numbers of a stage can be accessed by right clicking on it.

Example of it:

Kerbal Space Program Cheat Sheet

TWR or “Thrust to weight ratio”

TWR = F(t) / (m * g)


  • F(t) – thrust of the engines
  • m – total mass of the craft
  • g – surface gravity

TWR must be above 1 for a rocket to lift off. It’s optimal to use TWR between 1.5 and 2 from the launchpad.

ISP or Specific Impulse

I(sp) = F(t) / m


  • F(t) – engines thrust
  • m – fuel consumption in kg per second

ISP is a measure of an engine’s efficiency. It may vary in atmosphere and vacuum. For example boosters tend to have higher ISP on sea level, however liquid fuel engines are much more efficient in the vacuum.

Δv or Delta-V

Δv = ln(M(s) / M(e)) * ISP * 9.81(m/s^2)


  • ln stands for log base 10
  • M(s) – starting mass of the craft
  • M(e) – end mass of the same craft
  • ISP – specific impulse of the engine

Basically Delta-V is your speed after burning all the fuel. It’s very important number since it allows to understand how effective specific design and if the rocket able to reach destination.

There exist various Delta-V maps and tools of the Kerbol system. One of the best is “” because it allows to set up checkpoints on a mission.

Delta-V map

Kerbal Space Program Cheat Sheet


Additional sources

Other sources where you can learn more:

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Also, we would like to thank Soviet space vampire. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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