Kemono Jihen Was 2021’s Most Underrated Anime


The anime adaptation of kemono jihen aired in early 2021, during the winter anime season. Based on the highly successful manga, the adaptation became a huge hit earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the series garnered very little attention compared to other anime that premiered around the same time.

the strange thing is that kemono jihen it had all the components to become a modern Shonen classic. Despite the success of the manga in Japan, it is not yet known if there will be a second season of the anime adaptation. This is actually quite heartbreaking as the series had more than enough. RELATED: Top Five Underrated Shonen Manga

What is Kemono Jihen?

kemono jihen follows Kabane Kusaka, who is half human and half ghoul, trying to discover the secrets surrounding his parents and their existence. He soon meets a mysterious man from Tokyo named Kohachi Inugami, who is actually a Tanuki in a very convincing costume. From him, Kabane learns that most of the creatures and beings that are considered myths are actually alive and are known as Kemono. The Kemono roam the land and Inugami runs a private detective agency that is meant to help keep the peace between them and humans.

After recruiting Kabane, Inugami takes him back to Tokyo and has him work at the agency along with others in similar situations to his, mainly two young men named Akira and Shiki Tademaru. While Kabane has incredible strength and a healing factor that makes him virtually immortal and also immune to pain, Akira has incredible ice powers while Shiki has spider abilities. Along with Inugami and others, they help investigate and solve problems arising from Kemono’s activities, all while trying to solve the mystery surrounding their own pasts, as well as the mysterious stone pendant Kabane left to him by his parents.

What makes Kemono Jihen worth watching?

Weather kemono jihen seems like a typical shonen at first glance, there are actually many aspects of this series that make it stand out. The show’s premise may not be the most original, especially with other shonen hits like jujutsu kaisen features a protagonist with mysterious powers pushed into an unknown world, but the fact that all the adventures took place on the semi-realistic Earth is not very common in the genre, as many series take place in fantasy worlds or other dimensions that exist. next to our own. It helped create a sort of “grounding” element that made it easier to relate to certain aspects of the show.RELATED: Digimon Ghost Game Is Cozy Horror For Your Halloween Season The private eye angle is another concept that has yet to be overdone, which also helped make the series feel like it had something unique. For example, while Inumaki, a Tanuki, operates as a private detective who handles situations before they get out of hand, Yoko Inari is a kitsune who acts as the superintendent of the Shinjuku police force and uses Inumaki’s unique abilities and influence. her to treat. with Kemono situations without the public knowing.

Another thing that set it apart was that the series was not afraid to go dark, dealing with very serious topics as well as those related to the horror genre. In the first episode of the series, zombified animal corpses were attacking a child and had been disemboweling animals in the vicinity. In another case, there is a human male who is forcing a human-like Kemono to continually have offspring from other Kemono. The human then uses them to torment her son after he searches for her, which makes for one of the most haunting moments, and really capitalizes on the horror aspect of the series.

The series also had some pretty engaging action scenes, taking full advantage of the powers of its characters, Kabane in particular. While his superhuman strength was already pretty good, it was his healing factor that truly became the most important weapon in his arsenal. Because he could heal from almost any injury and feel no pain, Kabane frequently took advantage of both of them in combat. In one case, he even had an ally set his body on fire to increase his offensive power against an enemy, knowing that as long as his body’s healing could continue to burn, it would be even stronger than before. The action was made even better thanks to the high-quality animation of the anime adaptation. RELATED: An Undead Unluck Anime Is On Its Way: Here’s What Newcomers Can Expect It was this combination of action and horror genres, as well as themes of acceptance and love, that defined the series. While many other series have tried to do this with limited success, kemono jihen It arguably managed to pull it off better than most previous series, which probably explains why the manga has been so successful in Japan since its debut. This is why it’s rather strange that the series didn’t gain more popularity when the anime premiered in January 2021, although there are multiple reasons why that could have happened.

Why Kemono Jihen went unnoticed

for all the good things kemono jihen had going for it, the anime adaptation struggled to become the hit show that many might have hoped it would be. With a good story, likeable characters, well-handled themes, and sharp animation, there was very little bad to say about the series.

If there was anything that held the show back, it would probably have been the first season’s low episode count. While many shows typically only have around twelve episodes, like kemono jihen did, the main story seems to really start only after the final episode. It seems that the first season was meant to establish the premise of the series, as well as the main cast and their motivations, even managing to bring some of them full circle. RELATED: One Piece: If The Navy Discovers The Truth, Will They Turn Against The World Government?

Shiki and Akira’s backstories are explored, and they even manage to fulfill the goals they set out to accomplish when they joined the agency as the season ends, with Kabane being the only one of the three whose story remains unfinished. The show gears up pretty well for another season, but it most likely disappointed those who watched it to find that the show’s main hook was mostly ignored for the season, especially if there was no follow-up planned for the upcoming one. future.

Probably the biggest factor why anime fans missed it was that it premiered at one of the worst times. For those who don’t remember, January 2021 also featured shows like attack on titan Y jujutsu kaisen, the latter of which would probably have been its main competitor for sharing similar themes and concepts. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when one of the industry’s most successful shows is making a triumphant return after years, and another massive shonen series is returning for a second time after sweeping the fall season. The fact that jujutsu kaisen it also had double the number of episodes it also had the benefit of having more material to somehow hook its audience kemono jihen I couldn’t.

The final nail in the coffin was that there was no official manga translation available to read at the time it aired. In fact, the first volume of the series was only released in the West last summer, with the second coming out later this month. This made it difficult for fans of the series to jump into the franchise during or after the season ended. kemono jihen was a great anime series with a manga that managed to find huge success in Japan and is still ongoing, but unfortunately it came out at the wrong time and didn’t have enough source material available to help make it as big as it deserved. be.

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