Kanye West Claims Django Unchained Was Originally His Idea


Kanye West claims he came up with the idea of django unchained only for star Jamie Foxx and Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino to steal it.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, West stated that he pitched Tarantino and leading man Jamie Foxx with a slavery-themed music video for their song “Gold seekeron which he collaborated with Foxx. West claimed that several of the ideas he pitched to the director and actor were eventually used to django unchainedwhich came out in 2012, seven years after the rapper’s hit song.

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The original choice for Django Unchained

django unchained was written and directed by Tarantino, the filmmaker behind such classics as pulp fiction Y kill bill. While West insisted that Tarantino and Foxx stole the idea from him, Foxx wasn’t really ready to be in the movie until Will Smith turned it down. Smith, who was Tarantino’s first choice to play the slave turned bounty hunter, has stated that he is deceased. django because he has never wanted to act in a film about slavery. “In the early part of my career … I didn’t want to show black people that way. I wanted to be a superhero,” Smith said. “So I wanted to represent black excellence alongside my white counterparts. I wanted to play roles that you would give Tom Cruise.”

West, who said slavery was a “choice,” may not be the most reliable source. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband has faced a slew of criticism in recent weeks for anti-Semitic comments and hurtful social media posts. west bred django unchained, in which Leonardo DiCaprio utters a series of racial slurs, to show that Hollywood dictates what kind of content is and isn’t acceptable. As a promoter of free speech, West said, “For humanity to move forward, we have to be able to think and then act.”

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Despite these claims, it seems West doesn’t hold a grudge against Foxx. In a now-deleted Instagram post, West stated that he would be casting Foxx to play him in a movie. “One of the greatest geniuses,” said West, who named himself one of the top five writers in human history in the Piers Morgan interview. While a Ye movie isn’t currently on his schedule, Foxx can be seen next in Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi flick. Tyrone was cloned. Additionally, the actor has revealed that he is pressuring comic book legend Todd McFarlane to move into the Appear film, in which he will play the titular character.

django unchained is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Piers Morgan Uncensored via IndieWire

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