Just Dance 2023 Edition Review (Switch eShop)


    2023 is on the horizon, which is a completely different year to 2022 as it turns out, so naturally we have a new Just Dance game to review. Yes, it’s time for the annual update to Ubisoft’s long-running franchise and while it’s tempting to just cut and paste last year’s review here, these games don’t really change much beyond the playlist from version to version. It turns out there have actually been some significant changes this time around.

    First things first, and the best news for us personally, is that you can now turn off constant notifications and ads from the Just Dance+ subscription service. If you remember Just Dance 2022, this was one of the more frustrating aspects of last year’s effort, with constant reminders that it didn’t have all the content on offer, despite having just shelled out fifty pounds for the game (which, said Incidentally, it won’t have a physical release this year, watch out for those boxed codes!). It’s great to see Ubisoft acknowledging that people probably don’t want to be pressured into spending more money every time they tune in to work out or work out.

    Moving on from this, the whole thing has also been given a nice facelift, with streamlined menus that feel better to navigate than previous entries, plus a revised graphical style that, while still a bit odd-looking, is a Definite improvement on the creepy. -looking at dancers from years past.

    There’s also a new online mode, which lets you battle against five other players (just make sure you don’t move your Joy-Con and cheat the system), and Enter The DanceVerses, a narrative-driven mode, gives you a reason to replay. songs you might otherwise skip when telling a tale of dance heroes and villains between tracks that will be added as the months go by.

    Ubisoft has also seen fit to give the customization options a good overhaul. Now there are a ton of things you can unlock as you progress. You can jump into your locker room and change avatars, backgrounds, borders, badges, emotes and more, plus there are plenty of objectives and checklists to complete and check off as you improve your skills. The songs have also been divided into practical categories for 2023, which means you can easily jump into workout hits, party anthems, or some nice chill stuff for a more relaxing gaming session.

    In terms of hints, you get a decent basic offer of 40 upfront here, and the game’s subscription service offers a ton more if you decide to go for it. You may check out the full track list hereand so far we are really enjoying the Britney Spears beat. Toxicthe pride of Justin Timberlake I can’t stop the feelingand the magnificent Telephone with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Oh, and BTS is in the mix this year, so their legions of fans should be pleased with that.

    So overall, it’s a decent departure for Just Dance 2023, a definite improvement on what came before and a much less annoying version of the game than what we were served up in 2022. If you’re not a fan of the series, there’s still nothing Here to really change your mind, it’s still the exact same dance mechanic at the center of the proceedings, but, if it’s your cup of tea, this is the best time we’ve had with this franchise so far.


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