Dungeons & Dragons has a repute for taking up folks’s lives. 5-year campaigns with 6 mates, assembly for hours upon hours, dwelling and respiration by the principles of the game. It does not must be that although. What if it simply wanted to be one or two periods, a small thriller or quest to tackle, after which a conclusion to your story? Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel is an anthology of adventures that gives simply this, so how does this assortment of adventures truthful?

What is the Radiant Citadel?

The earlier hub for anthological adventures in Dungeons & Dragons was Candlekeep, a library crammed with magical tomes. In Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel, the titular Radiant Citadel is the brand new hub location. Floating via the Etherial Plane The Radiant Citadel is the perfect illustration of a melting pot of cultures. Established by twenty-seven completely different civilizations (many misplaced to time) this Citadel was rediscovered and repopulated with denizens of every of those worlds. The location is wealthy in tradition and contains a various vary of races, making it the right place for any bumbling social gathering to slot in.

This setting is peak magical fiction. A bustling metropolis of excessive fantasy hidden away from the fabric world, but related via floating crystals to all kinds of different settings. The scale of the world created, right down to their system of presidency, is so particularly detailed but accessible to anybody who needs to make use of this world to set off on their very own adventures. The nature of its setting within the Etherial Plane not solely makes it new and thrilling for adventurers however the in-universe solution to journey to and from this location makes it readily accessible to drop into any marketing campaign you would possibly already be operating.

Adventures in Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel

Connected to the Radiant Citadel is over a dozen completely different pre-made worlds, and every relies on a unique tradition or historical past that the creator resonates with. The pacing, tone, fashion of setting, and all the things shifts as you progress from realm to realm every carrying a singular fashion. One second you is perhaps exploring Godsbreath, a rural nation space framed after the American South, and the subsequent you will be stepping right into a palace within the land of Great Xing. It’s all a refreshing change from the medieval design that many is perhaps used to whereas enjoying Dungeons & Dragons.

The adventures themselves are simply as different because the settings that they happen in. There are 13 completely different adventures in Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel scaling from Level 1 all the best way as much as Level 14.

At the beginning the adventures start extraordinarily quaint. The Level 1-2 journey, Salted Legacy, has gamers checking out a scuffle between two rival household markets on the Radiant Citadel itself. Moving away from conventional fight this journey options deceit, investigation, and a collection of assessments that can push the gamers to compete utilizing their stats to achieve renown out there. This would possibly simply be the right introduction to Dungeons & Dragons that somebody would possibly be capable to expertise. The vivid surroundings meshed with a wholesome dose of roleplay and stat checks provides a brand new participant a full D&D expertise with none of the dangers of a low-level TPK.

Continued adventures additionally lean closely into the investigation and roleplay side of Dungeons & Dragons. Small city mysteries, rivalries between competing nations, and ghost tales to resolve. While the adventures actually begin small scale they develop to turn out to be issues of life and demise, and are crammed with hazard.

Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel Creates Epic Encounters

One later encounter that’s of observe is the fight towards the Bakunawa in Between Tangled Roots. In this journey, the social gathering is racing towards Dragon Hunters to seek out the Bakunawa. The Party is aiming to see what’s mistaken with it, whereas the Hunters are solely eager about demise. Depending on how the social gathering performs they’ll arrive earlier than or after the Dragon Hunters, and inside the fight itself it isn’t as a lot towards the Bakunawa (except you get swallowed by it) as a substitute it’s good to find and destroy what’s controlling the Bakunawa. For every hit, you deal to the supply of the corruption you now turn out to be the brand new goal of the Bakunawa. The fight turns into difficult as you possibly can select to deal with every supply, bait away the Bakunawa, or simply tank all of it. You may juggle this tense fight with roleplay towards the Monster Hunters, attempting to persuade them that can assist you save the dragon.

The authors have not simply stopped on the creation of their journey on the subject of the scope of the world. The finish of every journey has a Gazetteer crammed to the brim with details about the land. Important places, customs, residents, and legends of the world are explored in depth. This is all info on the facet that you could select to fill your journey with to construct out the scope of the setting, or it may be used if you wish to proceed exploring that land together with your gamers.

Final Thoughts of Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel

This e book is an absolute delight to learn. From the start, establishing a setting and context for the world of the Radiant Citadel it will get its hooks in. Each anthology alongside the best way does a unbelievable job of drawing within the reader like a group of quick tales. Just while you really feel you’ve got had your fill of 1 location you are already prepared to maneuver on to the subsequent one.

This may need among the greatest adventures I’ve learn for D&D and elevates the construction of a brief from journey by including in so many alternatives for non-linear development or investigation into points.

Should I purchase Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel?

Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel succeeds in so some ways it will be troublesome to not advocate this. As an anthology of adventures, it is an incredible introduction to D&D, enlargement to your individual world and marketing campaign, and a great way for anybody to get again into D&D with out the stress of long-time administration. Each journey is crammed with appeal in a sturdy and totally fleshed-out world so your gamers will love leaping into. This e book is for all D&D tables and it will be a disgrace to not buy it.

The copy of Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel used within the creation of this overview was supplied by the writer.

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