Joey Batey says The Witcher Season 3 is best and confirms Buttercups will love



    Joey Batey talked about the third season of The Witcher. The actor, who plays Dandelion in the main series and was recently released in the prequel The Witcher: Origins of Blood, said that he thinks the new episodes will be the strongest.

    The scripts that I’ve created to get the first time I read were the best that we’ve done. They have some moments that I think fans will really like. And really great key moments that are very epic. Buttercups might also have more love.

    The third season of The Witcher will mainly adapt Andrzej Sapkowski’s Hour of Contempt, and also include some key stories from Blood of the Eleven. The summer release date is set for 2023.

    The third season of The Witcher looms, too, from the end of last year as Geralt of Rivia, and Baty says he’ll miss him.

    I’ll miss Henry very much. Henry and I are both very good buddies, and he’s been the mainstay of the show, the pull of the show, and the driving force behind the show for four years. So, so you will never come along.



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