Jim Carrey’s Stanley Hotel Experience Links The Shining to Dumb & Dumber


Jim Carrey’s roles helped define comedy in the ’90s in a way that is still felt today. While he is famous for his comedic roles, the actor has also dabbled in more dramatic and bizarre roles than he is known for. That said, even with his extensive resume, no one could have guessed that his career would tie. dumb and dumb to one of Stephen King’s most famous films, the glowand the real-life location from the film, The Stanley Hotel.

the glow follows Jack Torrance, a writer suffering from writer’s block who is given the opportunity to review The Overlook Hotel while writing his book. Taking his wife and son to the secluded spot, they stay there as a snowstorm brews. But the longer they stay, the more supernatural events begin to occur that turn his family upside down and eventually turn Jack against the people he loves most. From its visuals to its performances, the film is a bonafide classic and even draws inspiration from one of King’s own experiences while staying at The Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for The Overlook.

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How is The Shining connected to Dumb and Dumber?

Room called 237 in the glowThe Stanley Hotel room 217 it was where King and his wife stayed while he wrote his next book. It has been reported that, in 1911, an explosion rocked the room after a maid named Mrs. Wilson turned on lanterns. While she survived, the blast ripped the floor out from under her and she landed in the MacGregor Dining Room, breaking both of her ankles. Since then, her spirit is said to have remained and she is reported to be moving items and unpacking luggage. She, too, is not a fan of unmarried couples sharing a bed and she will make the space between them chill and even pack the man’s luggage in the morning.

The Stanley Hotel was also the location of the hotel in dumb and dumb. The film follows two friends named Harry and Lloyd as they travel across the country to deliver luggage to a woman Lloyd met during his job as a limousine driver. Once in Aspen, the two live a luxurious life after discovering that the luggage contained thousands of dollars. During filming, Jim Carrey stayed at The Stanley Hotel in room 217. However, Has been reported that he only stayed a few hours and left, totally scared by the events that happened inside.

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Jim Carrey still hasn’t explained what happened in room 217

Unlike most who experience paranormal activity, Jim Carrey has yet to talk about what he experienced while in the room. But his experience added to the legend and pushed more guests to experience the room for themselves. To top off the whole experience, one fan even made a fake deep with Jim Carrey in the role of Jack Torrance from the glow. Ironically, the video ties the films together and also turns Jim Carrey into the next Jack, making his real-life experience even more unsettling and bringing his life closer to reality. the glow.

In the end, the world is full of coincidences and moments that defy explanation. That said, there’s no denying that something may be going on in room 217 of the Stanley Hotel. Perhaps the supernatural stigma surrounding the room is also what brought Stephen King, the hotel, and Jim Carrey together at three different times. Whatever the truth is, it adds to the excitement fans feel in discovering the unexplained and the fun of combining a movie like dumb and dumb with the glow.

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