JGOD explains why slide-cancelling is going to be ‘amazing’ in MW3


    While the news that Modern Warfare 3 will feature remastered MW2 (2009) maps and the iconic ACR assault rifle has got the CoD community excited, there’s one returning feature that’s eclipsed the rest in the eyes of fans.

    We’re obviously talking about the return of slide-cancelling, a mechanic that speeds up the pace of multiplayer and increases the skill gap between competitors.

    Although players can’t wait to experience MW3’s movement, one of the biggest concerns for Call of Duty fans is the health of their controller.

    As slide-cancelling in MW2019 required you to push multiple inputs over and over again, it deteriorated controllers massively. Well, CoD guru James “JGOD” Godoy has some good news for players about why that won’t be the case for slide-cancelling in MW3.

    JGOD shows why MW3 slide-cancelling won’t destroy controllers

    In MW2019, once you’ve started a tac-sprint and continue running, the sprint will never re-enable unless you cancel the movement with another action. 

    As a result, players have to reset their tactical sprint over and over in the match, resulting in the destruction of their controller over time. This meant the community relied too much on slide-cancelling to manoeuvre efficiently in MW2019.

    According to JGOD, as the tac-sprint recharges while you’re running in MW3, this won’t be the case anymore. They’ll be no need to use slide-cancelling non-stop in MW3, instead, it’s likely going to become more of a niche tool to use while peaking around corners to take gunfights.

    You’re going to be able to slide-cancel and it’s going to be a skill again rather than just spamming a combination of buttons incessantly… it’s not gonna be like 2019 where you have to spam mash like a crackhead.

    Do you need to slide-cancel in MW3 to be competitive?

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    In short, no you won’t have to slide-cancel in Modern Warfare 3 to compete in multiplayer, but it’s a useful tool to learn if you’re a fan of advanced mechanics.

    At the end of the day, slide-cancelling will not turn you into a pro CoD player, but if you enjoy movement techniques and making slight improvements to your gameplay, then it’s well worth learning.

    For those who prefer to keep it simple, you’ll still be able to see plenty of success in MW3 and dominate the competition.


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