James Gunn is writing a new movie, superman, that doesn’t include Henry Cavill


    A writing genius and a director, who led the universe DC in DC films announced about the new film, “Supermen”, but he won’t play Henry Cavill the main role in it.

    According to Gunn, the tape will tell the story of the earlier stads of the heros life, so that Cavill won’t be there. It’s unknown who’ll play Superman this time. It’s not a clear idea, which director you’ll take, but it’s also unclear who’ll take over the post.

    Gunn is a producer and also Peter Safran has already talked to Cavill to discuss possible future collaborations. Cavill left the message he’d regretfully note on social media that he had decided to wear a cape, but wished DC Studios luck. In recent years, several sources have confirmed that James Gunn didn’t like Cavill, which is why they chose not to continue the cooperation with him.


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