James Bond Producers Push the Bond Search to Next Year


The seek for the subsequent James Bond would possibly take longer than anticipated, based on franchise producers.

Franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson revealed to Entertainment Weekly that they haven’t but began the seek for Daniel Craig’s 007 substitute. “We haven’t begun the hunt,” stated Broccoli stated. “We’re going to be sort of sitting down and trying to figure out where the Bond series is going to go, and we need to do that first, to get a sense of that, before we start casting for the role. So we’ll start thinking about that sometime next year.” She added, “No one should be waiting by the phone yet.”

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Broccoli and Wilson beforehand emphasised that Craig’s footwear are massive ones to fill and recalled that the actor was “reluctant” when first supplied the function as a result of he knew how a lot it could change his life. “The time commitment is certainly a long-term commitment,” Broccoli stated, referring to Craig’s 16-year stint as Bond. According to Broccoli, the subsequent actor to step into the swimsuit must be ready for a years-long, multi-film dedication.

“You become an ambassador for the cinema and people recognize you as being associated with the character,” she stated. “It’s got a lot of different elements to it. But the time commitment is certainly a long-term commitment, and not everybody is willing to do that — multiple pictures over many years.”

A New Villain, A New Bond

However, earlier than casting the brand new Bond, Broccoli defined that she desires to create the franchise’s subsequent villain earlier than deciding who will play the long-lasting British superspy. “We always sit down with our writers, and we start by thinking about what is the world afraid of?” she stated. In addition to inventing a brand new villain, writers can even should invent a brand-new Bond. “It’s not just about casting an actor for a film,” Broccoli stated in a September interview. “It’s about a reinvention, and ‘Where are we taking it? What do we want to do with the character?'”

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While it’s at present unknown who would be the subsequent actor to painting James Bond, rumors have already begun circulating. Actor Idris Elba, for instance, has been a high contender for a lot of followers to step into the function, although the actor not too long ago acknowledged that he would not see himself as the subsequent James Bond. “It is not a goal for my career…,” he stated. “I don’t think that, you know, playing Bond will satisfy some of my personal goals.”

While the way forward for the subsequent James Bond film stays unknown, Craig’s closing outing as Bond, 2021’s No Time to Die, is at present out there to stream on Prime Video.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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