Black Friday Sale Gives Creators All The Revenue


A new sale is live this Black Friday, but it’s a sale with a difference. Creator’s Day is foregoing all revenue the site would normally earn from sales, which means 100% of the proceeds from sales will go to creators and only creators today.

Given his stance on reproductive rights, as well as his attitude towards NFTs, it’s probably fair to say that is one of the good guys. Today’s Creator Sale cements that reputation and sees foregoing any portion of sales made on the site today, and that goes for small indie games as well as larger ones.

While there are plenty of smaller titles for sale on today, including the autorunner Quartz and roguelite platformers Gunmetal Arcadiayou’ll also find bigger games like Double Fine’s Grim Fandango Remastered up for grabs, as well as better-known independent hits like deckbuilder prophet of nowhere or peculiar adventure Turnip Boy commits tax evasion.

You won’t have to commit tax evasion to pay for some of the great games on sale on today.

Temptingly, you’ll also find plenty of Playdate games for sale on today, so if you’ve picked up one of the intriguing little wearables, now might be a great time to build your library. Highlights include match 3 puzzles Changeside scrolling shooter Spike II: The Great Emus Warand puzzle exploration game helios castlebut there are plenty of others for sale if those don’t float your 8-bit ship.

The divide between storefronts and creators in terms of revenue is a pretty pressing issue right now. Famously, the Epic Games Store takes just 12% of your revenue share, which is why it’s such an attractive prospect for publishers. Microsoft also increased PC developers’ revenue share to 88% last year, though stores like Apple’s App Store still get a fairly standard 30% revenue cut from sales. The standard model is to let sellers decide how much they want to take from sales, which is a pretty neat and developer-friendly option.

In any case, a day entirely dedicated to creator revenue should be pretty attractive to developers, so if you’re a developer and have a game on, now is a good time to start promoting it on social media. social. media.’s Creator’s Day initiative ends at midnight tonight (PST), but hundreds of games will still be on sale until Tuesday midnight (PST). Head over to if you want to see what is for salebut remember that anything you purchase on the site, with or without a sale, will give 100% of the proceeds back to today’s creators.


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