It looks like the script for the second film Mortal Kombat is already ready


    Mortal Kombat sequel, which has just become known as Mortal Kombat, has received an exciting update. The Mortal Kombat franchise is one of the biggest gaming franchises. It has always been suitable for a movie adaptation. The movie was not perfect, but much better than many other games. In that costume all the characters are dressed in right fashion, they get married just in time. It isn’t very elegant, but it was at least very appreciated. However, the fans wanted something edgier, even with a smaller budget, and the WB decided to do that. The movie was, neither great, but was violent and bloody, so it was on the right track.

    The 2021 reboot was successful enough to make it a sequel, but we did not hear much about it. To be honest, this looks like it’s not far away. Dead Matter creator Ed Boon told a fan on Twitter that he’s been reading a cool script for Mortal Kombat 2 so that the films are definitely finished. It’s unclear if he reads multiple scripts with different stories or if they are just different novels in the same shared story. To any one of them, most likely, it won’t be limited to Boone. Adaptations tend to dominate the imagination of the creators but, when lucky, the studio and the producer often let them advise on the film. There’s no word what Boone is involved in the movie, but now it is good to hear that the script is already finished.

    It is not known what time it’s the time to expect the release of this film. The movie will begin filming in 2023 if the script is well-made, and maybe we’ll see it in 2024. If a new version of Mortal Kombat is coming, then the release or announcement can be related to the movie in some way, not just for marketing purposes.


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