Is Wayfinder down? How to check Wayfinder Server Status



    As Wayfinder promises to be a sprawling online action RPG, many gamers are trying to hop on the game. With any game that has a highly anticipated release, though, there are bound to be server issues. Now is a good time to figure out where to check the server status before waiting to get on Wayfinder for hours and hours.

    Is Wayfinder currently down?

    Sadly, yes. Lots of Wayfinder players are currently having trouble logging into the server and loading up the tutorial. This appears to have been cause by an overload of players. Wayfinder announced on their Twitter account that they have implemented a player limit to slow down the traffic on the server.

    How to check the Wayfinder server status

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    There are two good ways to check the Wayfinder server status, and the first was just showcased. It looks like Wayfinder will be giving out updates through Twitter on a regular basis. I find it’s best to simply follow Wayfinder on Twitter so that notifications can just pop up on my phone.

    The other way to check the server status is to go to their official website. On the top of the screen will be a news tab where the Wayfinder team gives out regular updates. Players can learn about the server status there, as well as extra perks and events happening in game.

    Given both of these methods, I would recommend going with Twitter first. The Wayfinder Twitter account seems to be updated more regularly, and it should have the latest information. It looks like they are using the website for major updates, but Twitter for quick news.

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