Is there a Level Cap in Starfield?



    Bethesda is heading to space with Starfield, and I cannot wait to see what this studio does with a new IP, especially considering Starfield will be the first Bethesda game to use its new engine. In true RPG fashion, Starfield allows players to create their custom characters and explore the known galaxy. However, one question I have is whether or not Starfield has a level cap.

    Does Starfield Have a Level Cap?

    There is no official confirmation of whether or not Starfield has a level cap. Previous Bethesda games have had soft level caps, such as Skyrim, where you can reach level 100 but reset your level and continue to gain experience. In this way, players could reach the level cap but continue to level up.

    However, there are achievements in Starfield that specifically mention various levels. The achievements list the levels 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. With this evidence, it is possible that a level cap exists at level 100. Here are the achievements detailing levels in Starfield.

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    • Dust Off – Reach Level 5.
    • Traveler – Reach Level 10.
    • Elite – Reach Level 25
    • Space Opera – Reach Level 50
    • Reach for the Stars – Reach Level 100

    What is the Max Level in Starfield?

    Bethesda has not outright stated if there is a max level, so it is impossible to say for sure if there is a maximum level in Starfield. Skyrim featured soft level caps but allowed you to continue past these to maximize all skills and gain all perks. If Starfield continues this trend, there may be a soft level cap of 100, but players may be able to go beyond this. We won’t know for sure until the game releases, but I am curious as to how Starfield handles its leveling system compared to previous Bethesda titles.

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