Is Super Sus a great new spin on social deduction, or a direct development of another great game?

    • Super Sus is a new take on the genre of social exclusion.
    • But this is the aping style icon among us.
    • However, Super Sus boasts of some new features, game modes and more.

    Well, if you’re like us and always try to stay optimistic despite accusations that mobile has a rip-off culture when it comes to games, then today might be your doomsday. Because today’s topic is the aptly named Super Sis, a clear take on the social deduction game so popular among us.

    Super Sis has it all, space setting, color-coded crew mates and of course, evil alien imposters to slaughter your way through your fellow crew members. It’s a little hard to say that it’s using the concept a bit.

    Now, in fairness to Super Sis, it’s hard to call it an actual rip-off, aside from the initial concept. The game seems to boast a variety of playable characters, such as a neutral party, whose goals may go beyond the usual ‘neutralize hunters/crew members’.

    There are also a number of game modes to choose from, be it Colosseum, Hide and Seek or Lover Mode (your guess is as good as ours). So as much as it’s using an original concept between us, we’d struggle to call it a complete copy-paste job. Especially with 50 million downloads on Google Play alone, it’s clear that it’s no big deal for the gaming public.

    Guess it.

    And, again, if we were pressed, we would have to note that we do not have the originator of the social deduction genre, but only popularized it. So, while we’ll admit what Super Sus is “taking inspiration from” (our emphasis), we have to note that it’s at least somewhat conceptual.

    You can check out Super Sus on the iOS App Store or Google Play and decide for yourself.

    Or, if you prefer to explore one of the many other games on mobile, you can always take a look at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else The thing has got our attention!


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