Is Steam down? Here’s how to check Steam Server Status


    When it comes to PC gaming, Steam is my go to launcher. With the exception of Epic Games exclusives, I primarily purchase and play all my games on here. This makes it easy to keep my library organized and play with friends. However, one downside is that if Steam is down, I am out of luck. To keep ahead of this, I watch the Steam server status for outages.

    How to check Steam Server Status – Is Steam down right now?

    There are many ways to check if the servers are down for Steam. You can use official methods, or third-party server checkers to see if there is a server issue affecting Steam. That said, I highly recommend restarting Steam and your internet to verify the issue isn’t on your end. After that, you can use the following sites to check Steam server status.

    Check Steam Website

    Few people know there is a helpful and direct method to check the server status for Steam. Players can see how many people were online in the past 48 hours using the stats page above. If you see a sudden (i.e., vertical or near vertical) drop in the graph, many Steam users were suddenly kicked from the platform.

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    The downsides to this method are that it doesn’t offer much helpful info and isn’t precise. It simply answers the question of whether users suddenly stopped being logged in. Sometimes that information will be enough for you, but if you need more details, you’ll have to search for unofficial sources on Steam status.

    Unofficial Steam Status

    This method is the most helpful way to determine precisely where the issue is. It shows which services are operating poorly and which countries are having trouble. This website is also outside of the platform itself, so if the entire Steam website goes down, you’ll be able to use this tool to see why.

    You can also see an entire list of how many players are playing each game. So, if you’re having trouble connecting to servers in a specific game, this website will help you determine if the issue is on your end or Steam. Those are the best two methods to check the current Steam Server Status!

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