Is Sea of Stars multiplayer?



    You may be wondering is Sea of Stars multiplayer? We have all the information you need below to help you gear up for Sea of Stars, the highly anticipated turn-based RPG.

    Sabotage Studio’s next game is a retro-inspired indie RPG hoisted into prominence through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

    With its gorgeous art and turn-based combat you may be finding yourself eager to play the game with friends, especially as the game is scheduled to release on both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.

    With that in mind, read on for everything we know so far regarding a Sea of Stars multiplayer mode. 

    Does Sea of Stars have multiplayer?

    Screenshot image of Sea of Stars gameplay

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    Image via Sabotage Studio

    Unfortunately, there are no plans for a Sea of Stars multiplayer mode. The game is strictly single-player only. This doesn’t mean you can’t experience the game together. You can discuss strategies against bosses and immerse yourself in the story while you share the controller locally or show your screen through streaming.

    According to Sabotage Studio’s website, its goal is to make “a turn-based RPG that would pay homage to the greats of the ’90s,”.

    While there are some outliers like Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 6, most RPGs of that timeframe were single-player story-focused experiences.

    Perhaps in the future, Sea of Stars will get a multiplayer mode through DLC, but there is no evidence of that at the time of writing.

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    Best co-op RPGs like Sea of Stars

    Promo image of Baldur's Gate 3, one of the best co-op RPGs like Sea of Stars

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    Image via Larian Studios

    There are a few options if you’re craving to play an RPG with a friend. One such option is Baldur’s Gate 3. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a turn-based game set within a vibrant world where you can make choices together with friends to complete quests. The game is story-rich and has an evolved combat system that lets you interact with the environment.

    You can also check out Wargroove with its co-op campaign Double Trouble. Available as a DLC, you can play an Advance Wars-inspired adventure with weapons, tanks, etc. It’s been received very positively by its fans, according to the Steam page.

    That rounds off our guide on Sea of Stars multiplayer and alternative RPGs you can play for your multiplayer fix. For even more RPG options, check out our huge list of the best RPGs of all time and immerse yourself with friends.



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