Is Lies of P early access?


    Lies of P has swept the industry, piquing gamers’ interest and igniting their passion. Whether this highly anticipated game will get an Early Access edition is one of the major questions, which we’ll answer below.

    How to get early access – Lies of P

    Depending on the edition you want, there are many options available for interested gamers wishing to reserve their seat for Lies of P early access. But first, mark September 17th on your calendar if you have pre-ordered the game’s standard edition so you may start the preload process and be among the first to enter the realm of Lies of P when the clock strikes midnight on September 19.

    Those who purchase the Deluxe Edition, however, get an even earlier chance to get the best head start. If you’re one of them, you may start the preload process on September 14 and on September 16 get an exclusive few days of early access, giving you a special advantage in learning the nuances of the game.

    Which platforms have Lies of P early access?

    Lies of P early access is planned to be an inclusive experience for players on many platforms rather than being restricted to only one gaming platform. You’ll get the chance to explore the world of Lies of P before the official release, whether you’re a console or PC fan; PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5, will all support Lies of P’s early access. This cross-platform compatibility makes it possible for players using various platforms to partake in the fun and explore the enthralling game’s environment.

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    How to play the Lies of P Demo

    Getting access to the Lies of P demo is simple. You may download the demo right away by simply going to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, or Steam on your PC. The best thing about this option is you won’t have to pay anything to try out this sneak look, because it’s totally free to play (not even a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription are required).

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