Is Law’s Crew Too Weak?


The following comprises spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1063, “My Only Family,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, out there in English from Viz Media.

Trafalgar Law is definitely a robust pirate within the One Piece world. His bodily energy, proficiency in Haki, and woke up Op-Op Fruit put him on par with the likes of Eustass Kid and Monkey D Luffy. He’s greater than certified to make a reputation for himself within the New World and is even a candidate for locating Gol D Roger’s legendary treasure.

Unfortunately, Law’s capabilities should not a mirrored image of the capabilities of his crew. The Heart Pirates as an entire do not come off as all that robust. If Law is in a one-on-one match, then it is a secure guess he’ll do nicely. However, if the Heart Pirates ever had a crew vs crew match just like the Straw Hat Pirates are likely to have, it could be tough to say that they’d all come out on high.

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Can Law Count On His Crew?

This actual disaster has made itself obvious in Chapter 1063, “My Only Family.” As of this chapter, the Heart Pirates have been compelled right into a confrontation with the Blackbeard Pirates. This might be Law’s first time going up in opposition to an Emperor with out the backing of an alliance.

Many followers predict Law to lose this encounter. Even those who consider Law can maintain his personal in opposition to Blackbeard predict the remainder of the Emperor’s crew to gang up on him; it could successfully be a repeat of what occurred when Whitebeard tried to assault him. As for the remainder of the Heart Pirates, they’re all anticipated to lose outright to Blackbeard’s males, so they will not be capable to defend Law.

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Part of the issue with dealing with the Blackbeard Pirates is that the crew is just too robust. Each of Blackbeard’s most trusted subordinates is highly effective sufficient to be the captain of their very own crew. Anyone hoping to win in opposition to this Emperor-level crew will want a equally highly effective crew.

Unfortunately, it is a thriller how Law’s crew would maintain their very own in opposition to any pirates, not to mention Blackbeard’s. Of the Heart Pirates’ 21 crew members together with Law, solely eight of them even have names; the remainder of the crew is so faceless that Pandaman was in a position to sneak into a bunch shot. Of the eight named Heart Pirates, solely Law, Bepo, and Jean Bart have confirmed themselves to be distinctive fighters. If there’s one thing Shachi or Penguin can do to beat again the likes of Van Augur or Doc Q, it hasn’t been revealed but.

For all anybody is aware of, Law has been carrying his crew during the Grand Line. It can be like an RPG playthrough the place just one character receives the entire level-ups and power-ups. Similarly, Law could also be coping with a lot of the Heart Pirates’ opponents in order that the remainder of his crew would not must. However, except Law far surpasses everybody on the enemy facet, he is in for the battle of his life.

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What Does A Strong Crew Look Like?

It can be extra ultimate to have a well-rounded crew just like the Straw Hat Pirates. They may not all be on the identical degree as their captain, however they’re all positively robust sufficient to carry their very own in a troublesome battle. They may even be trusted to beat the enemy’s commanding officers in order that Luffy would not have to fret about getting attacked by them whereas going after their chief. This is why when the Straw Hats presumably go up in opposition to the Blackbeard Pirates, everybody might be trusted by the viewers to battle and win in one-on-one battles.

As for Law, the expectations for his odds in opposition to Blackbeard are optimistic at greatest. Even if the Surgeon of Death can someway win, the Emperor’s males will probably gang up on him after coping with the remainder of his personal males. If Law had a stronger crew, his odds might sound extra favorable. As issues stand, nevertheless, he ought to most likely escape as quickly as he can.

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