Iruma-kun’s Rank Advancement Exam May Channel Naruto’s Famous Arc


Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-kun is a popular isekai anime that recently returned for Season 3 in the jam-packed Fall 2022 lineup. This time, protagonist Iruma Suzuki and his fellow demons face a whole new challenge: reaching Rank 4, or Dalet, to end of the year and at the same time complete the Harvest Festival.

Never before has Iruma and his classmates been pushed so hard, but then again, Babyls is a school of demons. In many ways this will be Iruma-kunown version of naruto‘s Chunin Exam, complete with supernaturally gifted young students, potential promotion, and even a wilderness survival sequence like the Forest of Death.

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Iruma Suzuki must face his own version of the Naruto Chunin Exam

Thanks to naruto‘s, the phrase “Chunin Exam” can be used as a figure of speech for any grueling test, exam, or trial by combat in an anime. Some of the tests in my hero academia It could also be considered a Chunin Exam, like when Class 1-A had to fight their way through a forest for hours just to get to the actual training area where the Wild, Wild Pussycats were waiting. Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-kun now he’s taking his own turn, not just ripping off either naruto either MHA. This isekai knows how to speak with his own voice and create something new.

Unlike Naruto’s class or even UA Class 1-A, Babyls’ abnormal class is a bunch of misfits, but they’re quickly changing that. Iruma and his classmates have worked their way up from the bottom in true shonen style, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. They’re not just troublemakers or misfits, but heroes in the making; even if they often complain or worry, these students are ready for a real challenge, such as the Harvest Festival and the quest to reach Rank 4. This new “Chunin Exam” is exactly what Iruma and his companions need to continue their growth and make a name for themselves.

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This is also an opportunity for various students in Welcome to the School of Demons!Freak kind of getting a glow, some of which are long overdue. Similarly, several notable naruto the characters experienced an improvement in the original Chunin Exam or displayed their unique jutsu for the first time. That exam was when Naruto learned to perform truly fearsome taijutsu, and Sakura Haruno swore never to be weak again and even went up against her most talented friend Ino Yamanaka, fighting to a draw despite great odds. Hinata Hyuga’s own improvement in that arc is the stuff of legend.

The same may soon happen in Iruma-kun, with students like Caim Kamui, Andro Jazz and Elizabetta X to show everyone what they can really do. Iruma, for his part, is about to learn demonic bows and arrows from Bachiko, his own version of learning the Rasengan or winning One For All. His Underworld “Chunin Exam” is the perfect opportunity to show off his new abilities.

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How the rank advancement exam distinguishes Iruma-kun as an Isekai

While the Season 3 Harvest Festival and the quest to reach Rank 4 do Welcome to the School of Demons!The new story is similar to the Chunin exam, that doesn’t mean it’s a cheap copycat. Instead, this new rank advancement exam helps Iruma-kun feel different in their own sector of anime. Unlike naruto, MHA or even jujutsu kaisen, Welcome to the School of Demons! it is a complete isekai with a new supernatural world, with no way to get home, and a protagonist who can explore this world at the same pace as the viewer.

the Iruma-kun The anime is half isekai/half shonen in general, and combines the best elements of both. Shonen aspects like the Chunin Exam and Iruma’s underdog status help refresh isekai’s outdated formula while sidestepping its biggest pitfalls. It gets pretty tiring watching so many isekai series with cheap power trip heroes; Fortunately, Iruma Suzuki is more like Naruto Uzumaki and Izuku Midoriya.

This makes Iruma more relatable and compelling, and only a hero like that would be satisfying to see in a Chunin Exam-style story arc. For that reason, the next episodes of Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-kun will surely remember fans why this anime stands out in its formulated sub-genre, appealing to isekai and shonen fans alike.

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