Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide

In this guide I am going to explain the very basics of how to effectively play in PvP.

All of the advise given, can be used playing as a lone wolf without the support of your team, friends or community.

This guide is going to contain very easily structured tactics, tips and methods in following areas:

– Movement

– Shooting

– Explosives

– Clearing rooms

– Positioning

– Assaulting objectives

– Equipment / Loadouts

If you have ideas and feedback, feel free to leave it at the comment section for this guide.


– Sprint only when necessary, i.e: when crossing roads, trying to sprint to cover, getting away from imminent danger.

– Use the crouch stance as often as possible, to avoid enemy players from hearing your steps and getting sniped too easily.

– Crouch behind covers as often as possible.

– Only lean out of cover when you throw a grenade or try to engage enemy positions as leaning prevents your whole body from being exposed.

– When things get too hot, don’t panic and go in to prone! The prone stance will avoid enemies from hearing you 100% and makes it a lot harder to hit you, being in prone also means you can use your bipod if you have one and your shooting will be a lot more accurate.

– When you close in on an objectie or enemy position, make sure you walk close to walls and other objectives to at least have one side covered and one side less to worry about, keep your aim up and aim at the center of a tunnel, door or position, so you can quickly react when an enemy appears anywhere on your screen.

– Wear a headset to hear enemy footsteps.

– You can walk backwards! Try it out when moving away from a friendly objective or and objective you have just captured, it slows you down but makes sure coming in enemies won’t shoot your back when exiting the objective or danger zone. Make sure you have eyes in to all directions though, enemies can appear anywhere and experience players will flank objectives only, more about this later.

– Don’t be afraid to move slower than others, not sprinting all the time allows you to get your firearm up quickly and respond to an incoming enemy as well as using hipfire more swiftly than your average ” sprinting joe ” who usually gets mowed down like a rabbit.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide


– Use semi-fire, especially on weapons for real warriors such as the AKM,G3,FAL,SCAR.

– Learn how to use full-auto by firing in short bursts (tapping).

– Try to learn drills, such as going in to crouch as soon as you encounter an enemy to aim at his chest and tap once or twice, this way he will hopefully fire ahead of you and you will dominate him due to your more accurate aim (due to being in crouch position).

– Throw yourself in to prone if you encounter enemies further away that have not noticed you yet, this will give you the edge in accuracy, cover and stealth, I managed to take out up to 7 enemy players like this and walked out of it alive.

– By god, please use your sidearm (pistol)! Reloading is a waste of time and if you have some practice, you will be able to take down many enemies using your pistol rather than going for a reload while being surrounded by enemy players. Hint: Play matches using only your pistol from time to time, I recommend using the M45 or M1911 due to their stopping power.

– You can shoot through most material, don’t hesitate to keep shooting at a moving enemy when he disappears behind a wall, if you are using a weapon for real warriors and not some candy girl M4A1 or G36, you are easily able to ” wall bang ” your target and send him to hell from behind the wall.

– When you are blinded by a flashbang/stun grenade, don’t hesitate to keep firing, the chance you are hitting the bad boy is a lot higher than you think.

– Don’t aim at close range at all, there is no need to aim in CQB as you will easily be overwhelmed by more than one enemy, learn how to hip fire as hip firing properly is gold in this and most other FPS. / Hip firing is mainly done in full-auto but not impossible using semi-fire. Try it out.

– If you are carrying a LMG for some reason, don’t hesitate to full-auto fire in to clouds of smoke the enemy has just created, chances you hit enemy players is high, you can usually see this by a red cloud popping up for a second, even through the smoke.

– Don’t use sniper rifles or the sniper class in CQB maps, there is absolutely no point using such weapons on maps with close range engagement, a 4x scope such as the C79 will do good enough (more about the C79 later).

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide


– You should cook hand grenades by keeping the left mouse button pushed and then releasing the splint using the right mouse button and only letting go the left mouse button after a certain amount of time to throw. The grenade will explode almost immediately after impact or earlier in general depending of how long you ” cook ” your hand grenade. Cooking also works with all other grenades in this game, I advise being careful when it comes to cooking flashbangs and incendiary grenades as these go off pretty quickly without cooking them first. (in real life, hand grenades are cook so the enemy can not throw it back at you). Grenades in insurgency are cooked so your enemies can’t escape or to make them explode up the sky above them.

– Feel free to cook smoke grenades!

– Only shoot your RPG/ rocket launchers at targets that are worth it, i.e: through an open window where enemies have gathered to defend their objective, at an enemy vehicles, in to an enemy crowd and so on, shooting your RPG at 1 enemy is useless, a waste of explosives and will reveal your position easily.

– Use IEDs in combination with land mines if you can, the effect is doubled. Being a waste of your own resources, its a cool thing to do.

– Use IEDs only with the target of taking out several enemies, same rule as with the RPG applies.

– Use molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades inside of buildings where enemies have no chance of going around it.

– Use 40 mm grenade launchers to shoot behind cover and in to windows only at longr distances, everything close you can usually take out with a hand grenade.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide

Clearing rooms

Yes, I said clearing rooms! Not cleaning rooms,although the outcome is almost the same. Read everything in this section carefully and twice if necessary, it’s all very essential and relevant to keep your worthless little a… alive.

– Do not run in to a room! You will get killed by some low skill camper waiting in some corner.

– Stand NEXT to the door you want to open

1. Kick the door in (you can also slowly and carefully open it like a soj boy)

2. Take a few steps back

3. Keep aiming at the opened entry/door

4. Walk to the other side of the door

5. You now should have ” scanned ” everything inside of the room, you were able to see from the outside.

Now you have several options to enter the room:

a) You walk in slowly being ready to hip fire or aim in (depending on the size of the room/building).

b) You toss a flashbang or hand grenade in to the room (don’t forget to cook it long enough) and then enter quickly.

c) You enter the room spraying your gun at all objects inside the room while entering having a good chance to surprise the enemy and taking him out even behind cover.

d) You combine b and c.

e) You use your manly warrior weapon such as the G3, FAL or AKM to spray your huge drum mag at the wall from outside hoping to hit enemies and then enter the room fastly using your sidearm.

f) You enter the room slowly and immediately take a step to the right or left, so you stand next to the door you have just entered and scan the room from there, the chance an enemy heard you kicking in the door is high, allowing you to surprise the enemy trying to get you. This turns the sides and gives you the edge due to tactical waiting.

Important for room clearing:

– Once you are inside of the room and have cleared it, you should immediately take cover, don’t stand in the middle of the room and avoiding running around like the room like crazy, people can still hear you and take you out from the outside, through a window or opened door. Remember what we said in the section about movement

– By the way, you can also shoot through doors.

Insider hint: Little hint for snipers trying to get eyes on the inside of a door: If you are good, you can shoot the door hinges off the door making the door drop like a wet towel, allowing you to see in to the room. This method can also be used from inside a room or when being in prone position and trying to safely aim at enemies behind the door as you can not open a door in prone position the regular way.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide


Bad positioning is positioning yourself where everyone would position himself. Such as at the highest position on a map, a balcony or behind the only proper cover in a large areal.

– Do not stay at your position for too long, chances someone heard you shooting or someone respawns and is now seeking revenge are just too high.

– Position yourself in shadow and dark spots when possible.

– When positioning inside of a building and aiming out of a window, always stay back from the window 2-3 meters and ideally go in to crouch stance if you can (also make sure you only move in crouch position inside of buildings with windows so enemies at a lower position can not see you).

– Don’t position yourself on high and obvious spots or on balconies, YOU will be the target here, no one else.

– Go in to prone next to objects/material that match your camoflague or colour of clothes.

– When enemies follow you and you know there is imminent contact, just lay down and aim at the door, entry or window and let the shooting happen in your favour. Tactical waiting is not camping.

– Position yourself higher than your enemies in CQB and lower than your enemies in long range battles IF you want to play defensively and position yourself in higher positions if you want to play offensively.

– Use objects inside of buildings if you can, such as beds, chairs, tables, sometimes you can stand on top and aim out of an upper window you would not reach without climbing on to objects (but remember keeping the distance).

– Don’t use your bipod on windows if you want to survive. I know it is tempting, but there usually is a big risk of getting killed.

-Position yourself on flanks, where you are able to interrupt enemy access to objectives and relevant keypoints, this will bring you kills and help the team a lot !

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide

Assaulting objectives

– Throw as much smoke as you can at an objective so you can get there safely. A smoke launcher under your barrel can also be useful.

– How to enter objectives (mainly inside of buildings), you will learn in the ‘clearing rooms’ section.

– Use incendiary grenades or molotov cocktails to ” seal / block ” the entries such as doors or windows once you have entered and are capturing the objective, this will stop enemies from surprising you and/or will at least allow you to focus on one or two entries while block the remaining ones for a while.

– Try to not position yourself right in the middle of the objective, try to really position yourself as much at the side of it as possible. Remember what we said about obvious positions in the ‘positioning’ section.

– FLANK, FLANK, FLANK and… FLANK again ! Most players in this game are lazy, have played too much COOP or are heavily intoxicated with a variety of drugs, hence they use the good old ” rush B ” tactic to capture objectives, meaning they just run at the objective frontally with the rest of their team, hoping to get through while most of their team gets mowed down. This is how a pigeon or a fly would play this game, but you my man, you are going to use flanks:

a) Walk to the edge of the map or as far out as you find fitting

b) walk up to the objective in red colour (neutral ones are for pu…ies)

c) flank it BUT note that in this case, you should really think if you need smoke or not as smoke can and will also reveal your activity, if you are ” behind enemy lines ” you can usually just enter like this and capture and be on the safe side if you do what I explained in the ” clearing rooms ” section.

d) Once you captured that objective, extract from there to the edge of the map and flank the next objective OR wait a minute until they try to capture back what you have just captured and surprise them.

That being said, there isn’t much science to capturing objectives, just try to really focus on capturing objectives not on getting kills as capturing objectives is what gets you a good score and eventually makes you rank up faster, allowing you to unlock more uniforms (if that should be your motivator) + the team will love you.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide

Equipment / Loadouts

There are varying opinions about what one should carry and use, so I am going to point you the direction I personally find to be most logical and useful based on my experience playing the game.

– For CQB where walking longer distance won’t matter and people “wall-bang” (More about wallbanging in my shooting section) a lot, go heavy.

– For maps and modes where mobility is more relevant, go light.

– A heavy armour protects you mostly from bullets hitting you from the other side of the wall as well as explosives but aren’t useful enough in a direct confrontation to be worth the points you have to spend on it and the mobility you have to sacrifice.

– A light armour is next to useless but protection-wise, better than nothing and should not be missing in a balanced loadout.

– A heavy backpack allows you to carry 3 grenades of whatever kind and up to 7 magazines, this is useful when you want to spray your weapons a lot, such as in CQB (hence you should go heavy for CQB)

– A light backpack gives you around 4 magazines and 2 grenades of your choice, that’s ok, especially if you are not a sprayer.

If you want to be on the safe side you choose a primary weapon of your choice, a sidearm (always use the quick draw perk), one fragmentation grenade, one smoke grenade, a light backpack, a light body armour and a gas mask so people won’t hear you cough when walking through smoke.

For game modes such as ‘firefight’ you could try to go WITHOUT backpack, WITHOUT body armour. This allows you to be ultra mobile and you can carry 3 magazines for your primary weapon, 2 or 3 (cant remember) magazine for your sidearm and one grenade slot for a grenade of your choice.

This is plenty for a mode like firefight, especially if you shoot semi fire and go for the objective as I have explained in the previous section.

Overall conclusion: There is no wrong or right loadout, its up to you, I recommend experimenting a little and find your own way, but keep in mind that some tactics and play styles can only be done with certain types of equipment (as you can read in my other sections such as ‘clearing rooms’ and ‘explosives’).

Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Insurgency: Sandstorm Beginners Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Akula92. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.