Inscryption Secret Collection For Hidden Ending

This is a collection of secrets within Inscryption, aimed at finding the hidden ending, if it exists.

There are no helpful hints or solutions to puzzles needed to finish the game here. Turn back if you have not beaten the game yet.

Act 1

The door to the death-room has a 4/4 statline.

The thundering coming from the door appears to be morse code.

Act 2

In the overworld the mushroom-guys on the right experiment on your cards. Doing so 4 times gives you a key for the next act.

The monster in the crypt’s basement wants an offering. In a fight you can put two broken Obols next to each other, to gain a full Obol. Just make sure that the two pieces fit, there are two versions of it.

In Leshy’s area next to the hut you can go through the trees towards the top.

Act 3

Take a screenshot of the custom bot display next to C07, make it when you have the chance. You’ll get a hint for the totem thing.

The clock has two solutions. One that you can get by trading in the overworld, the other one is from Act 1. This also gives you the next solution for the totem thing.

The final solution for the totem-thing is by having the camera-bot spin, and then making it photograph what is behind it.

There are hidden paths/arrows on the overworld map, most of them left/right/top/bottom.

However, there is one between Leshy’s area and the crypt area, that is on the bottom right. There is a locked door you can open with the key from act 2.

In the Crypt there is a locked door that can be accessed with a key from act 2.

There appears to be a piece of floor in the crypt that looks like it could be removed – not sure if or how.


From the select chapter game, after you’ve beaten it:

Select the third chapter (8bit world) and mash control+c to gain access to the terminal.

Here the floppy disc can be accessed. log.txt must be decoded somehow.

Inscryption Secret Collection For Hidden Ending

In text:


This code is more than likely the baseline for the cipher. With 3 parts

BLOOD$L3TT3R80X: During the encounter with the Bone-lord, you can put your game into letterbox mode, which makes a code briefly appear in the letterboxed region:

8043!$702D!!$666 = Bonelord is 666

This should be it for that part

MYC0L0G1ST22 probably has something to do with the Mycologists and the daus card. Unknown


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