Inner World – Achievements Guide



    A ranked list of achievements with tips and useful information.

    Normal development

    Down the rabbit hole
    Complete the offer.

    Your keys are lost.
    Complete parking garage.

    The midnight train
    Complete the metro.

    Flight delay
    Complete the airport.

    Check out
    Complete the hotel.

    Wrong neighborhood
    Complete the suburb.

    The Late Night Show
    Complete the theater.

    Class Graduation
    Finish school.

    Dead consumerism
    Complete the goods.

    End the trip.

    Taking pictures

    From start to finish, each achievement can take up to an hour to earn. By playing the game normally and taking other photos here and there, you might already be halfway there. Track your progress in the pause menu.

    Take 50 photos.

    Take 100 photos.

    Take 500 photos.

    The fanatic
    Take 1000 photos.

    Level secrets

    View both ways (hidden)
    Got lost in traffic.

    Run away with a car.

    let there be light (invisible)
    Get the optional flashlight.

    The garage. There is a flashlight in the back of your vehicle that can be picked up. Take it.

    Film Collector (Hidden)
    Start each theater projector.

    Theater start each projector which can be turned on by pressing 4 buttons.

    yellow wallpaper (hidden)
    Escape from the complex.

    School. The room unlocked with the red key, which contains the blue key, has a wall with blood stains behind it. It’s a hole in the world, enter it.

    After falling out of the world, you will be shown in a maze. Here’s a partial breakdown, in case you get lost:

    Once you fall through the maze the achievement unlocks.

    Closed doors

    Some maps have locked doors. Unlock codes are written on newspapers hidden on other maps with text indicating which map to use them on.

    Lemongrass (hidden)
    Find the hidden party room.

    Code hidden in the hotel: 738025. Open to garage.

    Spray tagged (hidden)
    Find the hidden graffiti room.

    Code hidden in school: 040723. Open in Metro.

    Prest-O Change-O (hidden)
    Find a curious room.

    Code hidden in the mall: 011323. Opened at the hotel.

    Wine Arcade (Hidden)
    Find the hidden Vinesauce arcade room.

    Code hidden in the garage: 051285. Open in mall.

    Hidden anomalies.

    Conspiracy Report (hidden)
    Find all the hidden anomalies.

    Take pictures of every hidden anomaly. Track your progress in the pause menu and gallery.

    The Conspiracy Report unlocks the Museum, where all other related achievements are earned.

    Museum Gallery (Hidden)
    Complete the museum.

    Club Liminal (Hidden)
    Get the secret ending of the game.

    Corrupted Hunter (Hidden)
    Complete the secret dream sequence.

    After the credits, press Corrupted Hunter. button in the lower right corner. If you miss it, it is possible to play Corrupted Hunter by selecting the map (please confirm). Achievements are unlocked if you win the mini-game.



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