Infinite Track and Field Controls – PC, Xbox, PS5, and Mobile (Roblox)


    Like most Roblox games, Track & Field Infinite does not explain all of the game’s controls well, confusing players about how to play correctly. So if you are a mobile, PC or even controller gamer, here is a list of all the controls in the game.

    All controls in Track & Field Infinite

    Infinite track and field PC controls

    • in a hurry: Questions and answers
    • Directional movements: WASD or up, down, left and right arrows
    • Hop: Space bar

    Xbox Infinite Track and Field Controls

    • in a hurry: LB and RB
    • Directional movements: Left analog stick
    • Hop: TO

    PS5 Infinite Track and Field Controls

    • in a hurry: L1 and R2
    • Directional movements: Left analog stick
    • Hop:X

    Infinite mobile track and field controls

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • in a hurry– Tap anywhere on the screen
    • Directional movements: Virtual analog stick
    • Hop: Up right arrow button

    How to run correctly in Track & Field Infinite

    Running is the most critical activity in the game and you must learn it correctly to emerge victorious in all game modes. Many people assume that to run correctly you have to press the two sprint buttons alternately, one after the other. But that’s not true, and you should actually press both buttons in one motion. For example, if you are on a PC, you should press Q and E at the same time instead of pressing them alternately. I guarantee you will find a big difference in speed when running the given method compared to the previous one.

    How to move correctly in Track & Field Infinite

    Although you can move your character with directional movements in Track & Field Infinite, there are a few points you should keep in mind while moving. Just like in real life, moving too much in Track & Field Infinite will result in a loss of momentum and, in turn, your character’s speed. Therefore, move only when and where necessary on the track and always try to run straight. Also, while running, always press the forward direction button; this will prevent the character from straying from running to the side and moving in a linear path.

    How to jump correctly in Track & Field Infinite

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To jump higher in Track & Field, you need a lot of momentum and press the jump button 10-12m before any bar. To gain momentum, learn to run faster by following the tips above, and to jump at the right time, I would recommend writing down some reference on the ground or in the stadium. I personally use bright signs on hurdles and high jump tracks as a reference for pressing the key.

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