ImperialHal slams ‘out of touch’ Apex Legends devs over Season 18 nerfs



    ImperialHal slams 'out of touch' Apex Legends devs over Season 18 nerfs

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    Balance changes in Apex Legends are always controversial within the community, as they directly affect the power of players’ favourite characters and weapons.

    While they are necessary to keep the meta fresh and stop specific OP strategies, they run the risk of upsetting fans if the alterations are too severe.

    On top of tuning the game for the standard playerbase, Respawn also has to keep the comp scene in mind when making changes. A lot of the pros are not afraid to make their voice heard when they’re unhappy about something, especially TSM’s IGL.

    Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen has slammed the Apex Legends devs as “out of touch,” after they made major changes just before Champs in September.

    ImperialHal flames “out of touch” Apex Legends devs

    Taking to Twitter on August 16, ImperialHal has voiced his frustration with the Apex devs, claiming their decision to make major changes “before the biggest Apex tourney to date” is ridiculous.

    For him, the Season 18 balance changes prove the “devs are just completely out of touch with the Comp scene.”

    He also argues that he’s tired of the community telling him to “adapt” when these nerfs are announced, making it clear it’s not easy to just pivot on a strategy you’ve been practising for months.

    Overall, it’s obvious Hal doesn’t feel as if the devs are taking into account the impact on pros, and the communication between them and the team is not good enough, in his opinion.

    Why is ImperialHal so frustrated about the Season 18 changes?

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    The main source of Hal’s frustration is the fact that the Apex Legends Season 18 changes have significantly impacted the meta right before the ALGS Championship kicks off on September 6, 2023.

    With a prize pool of 2 million, this is the most important event in the competitive Apex calendar, and TSM now doesn’t feel like they’re prepared ahead of the LAN.

    Now Champs is just around the corner, we’ll have to see how TSM cope and whether they can take back the crown from DZ.



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