ImperialHal explains why Rev Reborn will be ‘terrible’ in Apex Legends comp


    Apex Legends Season 18 is on the cusp of releasing, with the major update set to hit the Outlands on August 8.

    Respawn has finally revealed all the details on Revenant Reborn, including his new abilities which seem to be built for aggressive players looking to solo carry themselves to victory.

    Of course, one of the biggest questions for a lot of Apex fans has been, will Revenant Reborn be a viable Legend in competitive play?

    Well, Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen has weighed in on the matter, claiming Rev Reborn will be “terrible” for pro play.

    ImperialHal says Rev Reborn will be ‘terrible’ in Apex pro play

    During a recent Twitch stream, TSM IGL ImperialHal was asked his opinion on Revenant Reborn and whether the character will be viable in pro play.

    In response, Hal argued that Rev Reborn will “definitely not be a comp character” as their kit is too solo-focused and doesn’t provide any substantial benefit to a team.

    Going into detail on the new Ultimate ability, Hal claims Forged Shadows is actually a nerfed version of the Death Totem when it comes to competitive play, as it only grants Revenant himself any benefits.

    Basically you’re solo Rev ulting with extra shields… it’s only good for pubs and stuff, it used to be somewhat decent in comp and now it’s just terrible.”

    Does that mean Rev Reborn will be a bad character in Apex?

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    Respawn Entertainment

    No, just because Revenant Reborn doesn’t have a kit that’s perfect for comp, doesn’t mean the Synthetic Nightmare won’t be extremely powerful in Ranked and pubs.

    For starters, we haven’t even seen Rev in action yet, so we’ve got to unleash him into the Outlands before we can pinpoint his spot in the meta.

    On top of that. Ranked and pubs suit Legends with solo-carry abilities, as it means you don’t have to rely on your teammates as much.

    As a result, it’s possible the Synthetic Nightmare becomes a top-tier threat in Season 18, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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