Iconoclasts: Dialogues To Pacify Shadows

Dialogue options to pacify all shadows before the final boss.


MINAMaybe this is just my fault like people say… ?·         Maybe Royal.·         Probably not you.·         Maybe Samba… ? MINAPretty impressive, right?·         I’m confused!·         It’s broken, though.·         It’s neat! 
MINADo you often feel your decisionsare too drastic and personal?·         I don’t know…·         Uhm…·         It happens! MINA ⚠ follow her when she leaves to save SambaDon’t follow me, Robin.I’ll just wreck your life!·         Okay, I’m sorry…·         I’m going with you! 
ELRO… I don’t feel I can condonethat. Robin, you should reallystay somewhere safe now.·         Maybe…·         No, must save! ELRODespite wanting you toreturn home, I will protectyou until the day you do.·         Thanks!·         If you’re not too hurt… 
MINA ⚠ this affects RoyalLet’s get this over with now.Who is this guy to you, Robin?·         No one.·         A friend. ELROYou should just try tofind a way out of thistower, Sunflower…·         Okay.·         Save Samba! 
ROYALTake me with you and we willbe able to escape this darkplace together.·         No!·         Okay.ROYALI’m… a worthless jerk, honestly…·         Yes.·         No.·         Stop that attitude. ROYALIsn’t it beautiful… ?·         Yes.·         No. 

To Do

Some of these may not be required at all and can possibly be skipped. Yet to be tested.

Underlined are confirmed pacifying choices.

Striked out are confirmed aggravating choices.

I also wanna figure out the minimum for each character respectively

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