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Hunting Party DMZ Mission Guide


As you progress through the Faction Mission levels in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, you should have realized that the challenges are getting more and more difficult and complex. Hunting Party, one of the level 5 Black Mous faction quests, requires you to complete five Hunt PMC Unit contracts without dying. The mission may seem difficult but it can be completed with proper planning.

How to complete five Hunt PMC Unit contracts without dying in the DMZ

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The hunting party mission tasks you with completing five fighter squad contracts without dying. This contract offers a reward for an enemy team of real players that you will have to eliminate. Your mission progress will update once you kill the marked squad, or even if someone else kills them. You can complete these contracts across multiple deployments, as mission progress is not lost as long as you stay alive and exit successfully. Here are some tips on how to tackle this mission in the DMZ:

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  • Start by acquiring good equipment.– If you have low-level items equipped, spend a match only collecting better gear such as 3-Plate Vest, Large Backpack, Killstreaks, and fully equipped weapons. Furthermore, it is also recommended to play with a full team for this mission.
  • maintain UAV: UAVs are very useful for chasing down the enemy. The bounty marker gives you the whereabouts of the squad you are hunting, however the information is not enough to determine their location. That’s where these killstreaks come in handy. A UAV costs $12000 and can be purchased at a Buy Station, if it is available there. Real players are marked with solid squares on your tactical map, while bots are marked with hollow squares.
  • Use UAV towers– If your target doesn’t get away in a vehicle, you can stow your UAV and activate the free-to-use UAV Tower, if it’s available in the area.
  • use vehicles: Use a vehicle to fast travel to the target and take it by surprise. You can even engage in a vehicle chase if the enemy is trying to run away. You can even buy an LTV with Turret at the Buy Station for $18000. This vehicle has extra health and a mounted turret that can be used to take down enemies from afar.
  • Beware of AQ soldiers: In the midst of all the chaos and hunting, don’t forget that there are bots everywhere in Al Mazrah. Keep an eye out for these AI soldiers and don’t get killed by them as that will reset your mission progress.

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