Hunt: Showdown Hidden Achievements Guide

Hunt: Showdown Hidden Achievements Guide

Hunt: Showdown Hidden Achievements Guide to show you how to get all those tricky secret achievements.

Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden

Play piano and gramophone in one mission.

Trinity Of Pain

Be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding at the same time. This one can be very tricky to do solo so ask a friend for help.

Simmer Down, Hothead!

Kill immolator without enraging him.

Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe

Kill any boss with melee weapon. You can try this easily on The Butcher boss enemy.


Find a boss without any clues.

Do Not Disturb

Hide in the toilet. Simply move into any outhouse and close the door.

Louisiana Fried Chicken

Burn 50 chickens.

Throw Hammer or Run

Kill enemy hunter by throwing a hammer.

Battering Ram

Destroy 50 doors. You can do this by using a melee weapon like sledgehammer or axe.

Convalescent Home

Retire 50 hunters.

Master Headhunter

Recruit 100 hunters.

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