How Treehouse of Horror Twisted the Simpsons’ Iconic Intro right into a Bloodbath


The Simpsons have, because of the free actuality of being an animated present, come again from some ridiculous accidents over time. While dying stays a risk, it’s miles simpler to bounce again from accidents on this setting. Even the intro for nearly each episode is quietly harmful, and one mistaken flip might carry down the household — as confirmed throughout a memorable Treehouse of Horror intro that is not even probably the most brutal tackle the present’s conventional opening.

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How The Simpsons Intro Works

Although there are edited variations of the present’s intro for longer episodes and the phase was given a redesign beginning with Season 20’s “Take My Life, Please,” the opening at all times follows the identical customary beats. Across Springfield, the Simpsons end out their every day routines — Bart departs from detention, Lisa leaves her music class, Marge drives Maggie from the grocery retailer and Homer returns from work. The household attain the home on the similar time, with Homer barely dodging Bart on his skateboard, Lisa on her bike and Marge in her automobile. The household then take their seats on the sofa, establishing a rotating gag. Some of the one episodes of the collection to utterly forgo the normal opening has at all times been the Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials.

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Early entries within the subseries of episodes would open with a warning from the solid, laying out the distinctive nature of the episodes in comparison with common storylines. These have been finally changed with transient comedic but horrific chilly opens — like Season 7’s “Treehouse of Horror VI,” which featured the headless horseman recast as Krusty. However, one Treehouse re-imagined the normal intro extra in-line with the Halloween present’s sensibilities. Season 10’s “Treehouse of Horror IX” follows the traditional beats of the normal opening, however now with a collection of horrifying tweaks and twists.

Treehouse of Horrors Killed The Simpsons within the Intro

As Homer drives into the drive-way, Bart lands on Homer’s automobile. Instead of sticking the touchdown , Bart tumbles to the bottom — seemingly breaking his neck. Not realizing her brother is on the bottom, Lisa crashes her bike into Bart’s physique and is propelled straight into the home head first, embedding her by way of the drywall and seemingly killing her. Homer barely has time to react earlier than Marge pulls up and would not cease, crushing Homer in opposition to the wall with the automobile and killing him.

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Meanwhile, Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger and Friday the thirteenth’s Jason Vorhees wait on the sofa, irritated the household hasn’t arrived to get killed but. It’s a brutal model of the traditional intro, highlighting how straightforward issues might go mistaken for the household at any second. It’s additionally notably not the one time The Simpsons would play with the intro like this.

While Guillermo Del Toro would recreate the intro infused with references to over a century of horror movies and characters with Season 25’s “Treehouse of Horror XXIV,” the nominally regular episode — Season 28’s “Dad Behavior” — makes the intro even scarier. Opening like a standard intro, issues take a flip when Barney — irritated that Bart landed on him together with his skateboard — snaps it in two, forcing Bart to trudge dwelling on foot.

Meanwhile, horrible accidents befall the remainder of the household. The radioactive rod Homer normally drops behind his shirt as an alternative bounces into his mouth and causes him to choke. As Lisa performs her jazz solo leaving the music room, she conks herself on the top and falls to the bottom unconscious. In Marge’s automobile, Maggie takes the driving force’s wheel from her sleeping mom, sending them careening right into a lake. Marge’s lifeless physique then bobs to the floor, implying Maggie remained within the automobile and drowned. Only Bart makes it dwelling in a single piece. Even in common episodes, The Simpsons intro could be surprisingly harmful — and the present’s darkish humorousness might activate the principle solid at any time.

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