How to use Voodoo Doll in Demonologist


    Demonologist hosts a wide variety of teams that can help you when dealing with various entities; one of those elements is voodoo doll. Here is everything you need to know about the Voodoo Doll in Demonologist.

    How to use the Voodoo Doll in the Demonologist Guide

    Players must first purchase the Voodoo Doll from the store in order to use the Voodoo Doll in Demonologist. After purchasing the Voodoo Doll, equip it to your gear and you can use it to help identify the current entity. To use the voodoo doll, press the left mouse button, and your character will randomly place needles on the wrist. Each time it will cause the entity in your game to react, allowing you to find the entity.

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    However, what happens when players stick needles into their wrists is random. A ghost can also start if players stick a needle into the Voodoo Doll’s heart. Because of this, we recommend using the Voodoo Doll only if you are having difficulty finding the entity. Fortunately, having a Crucifix nearby can make using the Voodoo Doll much safer.

    How to use a crucifix in Demonologist

    Like most items, players can obtain and use the Crucifix through the in-game store. Purchasing the Crucifix requires in-game currency that you can earn by completing research. After purchasing the Crucifix, you can use up to one Crucifix to ward off hostile entities during hunts. We recommend having another player hold a Crucifix while the other uses the voodoo doll to help identify the current entity.

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